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2014 High School National Tournament Topics

Congressional Debate

2014 HS Nationals Congress Legislation Docket

Lincoln-Douglas Debate

Resolved: The United States ought to prioritize the pursuit of national security objectives above the digital privacy of its citizens.

Policy Debate

Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially increase its economic engagement toward Cuba, Mexico or Venezuela.

Public Forum Debate

Resolved: NATO should strengthen its relationship with Ukraine in order to deter further Russian aggression.

International Extemporaneous Speaking

• Africa
• China, Japan, and the Koreas
• India, Pakistan, Southeast Asia, and Oceania
• International Relations
• Mexico, Canada, and Central America
• Middle East
• Russia and Eastern Europe
• South America
• U.N. Millennium Development Goals at the 11th Hour
• U.S. Foreign Policy
• Western Europe
• The World Next Week
• Worldwide Economic Health

United States Extemporaneous Speaking

• The 113th U.S. Congress
• America’s Economic Health
• America’s Global Role
• American Business and Industry
• Constitutional Issues and The Courts
• Elections: 2014 and 2016
• Medicare, Medicaid, and The Affordable Care Act
• Military, Defense, and National Security
• The Obama Presidency and Administration
• Science, Technology, Energy, and the Environment
• Secondary and Higher Education
• State and Local Issues and Politics
• The U.S. Next Week

Extemporaneous Commentary

• The Civil Rights Act Turns 50
• Education...Schmeducation
• The Final Glass Ceiling For Those With No Y Chromosome
• Political Blunders, Bleeps, and Boo-Boos
• Religious Icons: Unifiers or Dividers
• The Rogue States and Their Leaders
• Shhh! Mother Earth Speaks!
• Talented People or Talentless Pretenders
• The Wild, Wild World of Sports
• World War I, Meet The Year 2014

Storytelling Theme

Thriller and Mystery

Extemporaneous Debate

Because this event (formerly Supplemental Debate) is meant to be more extemporaneous in nature, tournament officials will post the resolution that will be debated for each round 30 minutes prior to the start of flight A.

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