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2020-2021 Equity commitments approved at the Sept 2020 Board of Directors meeting

  1. The NSDA will update organizational core documents to reflect the value of equity

(a) After revision to our mission and vision last year, this year the NSDA will update the student Code of Honor and coach Code of ethics.

(b) The NSDA will review all award names and ensure that our honorary namings reflect the diversity of our membership.


  1. The NSDA will highlight, continue to refine, and promote best practices for diversity, equity, and inclusion within the speech and debate community

(a) The NSDA will continue to increase awareness about the importance of having a harassment and discrimination policy at speech and debate tournaments. 

(b) The NSDA will update and increase promotion of our inclusive and equitable tournament checklist.

(c) Offer additional training and best practices on making speech and debate more accessible via Rostrum articles and other channels.

(d) The NSDA will evaluate rules and speech and debate topics to ensure they reflect our value of equity.

(e) Collect, curate, and promote best practices for recruiting, coaching, and mentoring individuals from traditionally marginalized and disenfranchised communities.

(f) Encourage and facilitate mentorship opportunities for coaches from traditionally marginalized and disenfranchised communities through our coach accreditation program.


  1. The NSDA will strive for leadership at all levels that represents the diversity of our speech and debate communities.

(a) Additional training for prominent tournament software will be created and promoted. The National Speech & Debate Tournament tab room staff selection process will continue to emphasize representation.

(b) The NSDA will continue to seek ways to involve NSDA students and young alumni in the conversation about equity in our organization.


  1. The NSDA will celebrate diversity and inclusion within the speech and debate community.

(a) The NSDA will use video to showcase the success of our Black students and coaches.


  1. The NSDA will continue to provide and promote safe spaces for underrepresented or marginalized groups to meet. 

(a) Continue to provide space and time for coaches caucuses to meet surrounding the National Tournament, proactively promoting awareness and attendance of these discussions leading up to the tournament.

(b) Explore creating or sharing current avenues for an ongoing connection between these communities during the school year.


  1. The NSDA will continue to strive for an equitable and representative judging pool at the National Tournament. 

(a) With our new judge training initiative, the NSDA will offer and promote a judge accreditation program that incorporates implicit bias and cultural competency training for speech and debate judges at all levels.

(b) Continue to recruit and offer the opportunity for National Tournament judges to self-identify as diversity enhancing.

  1. Over the next two years, the NSDA will conceptualize a judge accreditation that will meet local and national judge training needs and will equip local tournament directors with actionable steps to create a safer and more equitable speech and debate program. 


  1. The NSDA will develop more resources on implementing an effective equity office at local and regional tournaments to facilitate safer and more equitable speech and debate environments. 


  1. The NSDA will run an online speech and debate tournament series free to NSDA members. The NSDA will also provide donor-funded subgrants to schools to help increase access to speech and debate.