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Unleash Student Potential

When they entered that one classroom.
When that one book introduced them to their passion. 
When that one teacher said they could reach their goals.
When that one performance changed the course of their perspective forever. 

It only takes one moment to forever change the course of a young person’s life. 

In schools everywhere, there are students longing to belong. They are searching for a group that values their special gifts and gives them the chance (and a little push!) to discover their superpowers. Please join us in ensuring more student leaders can unleash their true potential and change their world.

    • $20 inspires a young person to achieve more through the Honor Society.
    • $150 provides a judge at one of our free online competitions
    • $450 sponsors a school’s access to lesson plans resources, grants, and competition
    • $1,000 celebrates public speaking excellence with a college scholarship

The National Speech & Debate Association (National Forensic League) is a GuideStar Gold Participant.

More Ways to Give

As a 501(c)3, all donations to the NSDA are 100% tax-deductible. You can join our community of committed supporters by making a stock transfer or a corporate donation. To learn more about how you can get your workplace involved in supporting speech and debate, please email

Specific memorial funds also allow you to ensure a permanent legacy of support in the name of an individual. If you would like to learn more about the William Woods Tate, Jr., Fund for National Tournament participation, the Carmendale Fernandes Fund for United States Extemporaneous Speaking, the Harold Keller Fund for Congressional debate, the Lanny & B.J. Naegelin Fund for Dramatic Interpretation, setting up a fund to honor an individual’s legacy, or any other funds, please email

Aarzu Maknojia

Make a commitment for generations to come

The 1925 Society recognizes the extraordinary commitment of those who have chosen to remember the NSDA in their will or estate plans.

2022-2023 School Year Individual Donors


($5,000 and Up)

Pam & Joe Wycoff
In Honor of Pam’s parents, Bill and Berneeta Campbell, and sister, Pat Krueger


($2,500 – $4,999)

Joshua Adams

David C. Frederick
In Memory of BJ. & Lanny Naegelin

Bob & Salli Stockton


($1,000 – $2,499)

J. Scott & Megan Wunn


($500 – $999)

Jenna Green Alden


Suzanne Case

Tony Garcia
In honor of Pam and Joe Wycoff, and all the teachers, coaches, facilitators, and staff that have had such an awesome impact on so many of us

Vicki Joss

Andrea Keohane

Adam Koering
In Honor of The Koering Family

Anoop Mishra

Olusheun Olupitan

Holly Williams

David Zarefsky

Double Octafinalist

($250 – $499)

David & Kathie Abel

David Brown

Matt & Erica Forsman

Tim Hogan

Dawn Jenkins

Caitlyn Ross
In Memory of Keith West

James Rye

West Monroe Partners


($100 – $249)

Chris Bentley

Nicolle Berg

Jennifer Burton

Adrine Chung

Kaitlin Coltin

Gary Derheim

Rev. Bob & Sarah Dillingham
In Memory of Keith West

Sara Gibson

Lauren Grimm

Jennifer Jerome

Jennifer Keohane

Susan Gerbensky Klammer

Sarah Knobloch

Marshall Lichty

Thomas Mahoney

Rose McDonough

Zachary Prax
In Memory of Bob Ickes

Jie Qin

Ellen Roos

Michael Sawers

Daniel Serfer

Timothy Schally

Lindsay Schleisman

Krystyn Spratt

Scott and Tzitel Voss

Joe Weigand

Jill Wodnick

Lonny & Linda Wunn


($0 – $99)

Michael Balerite

Sarah Batha
In Honor of Margo Batha

Bro. Anthony Cavet
In Memory of Keith West

Lorain Clawson

Helen S Corry

Melissa Cortes

Bret Culpepper

Rev. Bob & Sarah Dillingham
In Memery of Keith West

Jill Englund

Vickie and Joe Fellers

Sara Gibson

Jinping Guo

Jaron Hansen

Alex Heisel

Tova Hettinger

Landon Hudson

Liberty Jones

Melissa King

Elliot Bell-Krasner

Eileen MacDougall

Anastasia McCourt

Edward McGuire
In Memory of Keith West

Zain-alabideen Mirza

Joseph Rogers
In Memory of Brother Rene Sterner & Brother Kevin Dalmasse

Amy and Ray Seidelman

Laura Stein

Jami Vander Zee
In Memory of Keith West

Nicole and Darrel Wanzer-Serrano

Joe Weigand
In Honor of Kathie Abel

Ryan Westwood

Jill Wodnick

Teresa Young

Disha Yadav

Blake Ziegler

2021-2022 School Year Individual Donors

August 1, 2021 – July 31, 2022



($5,000 and Up)


Richard Bitner

James Copeland

Robert J. Feldhake, Esq
In Honor of Carmendale Fernandes

Jan and Lynn Pizzo

Adam Saligman

Bob & Salli Stockton

William & Audrey West
In memory of Keith West

Pam & Joe Wycoff
In Honor of Pam’s parents, Bill and Berneeta Campbell, and sister, Pat Krueger


($2,500 – $4,999)

Joshua Adams


($1,000 – $2,499)

Doug Anderson
In Honor of Pam Wycoff, Jason Woehler, Joni Anker, and Pam Tremblay

Kristen Soltis Anderson

Hunter & Michael Arton

Elizabeth Brama
In Honor of AVHS Speech and Debate Classes of 1992-1994

Yvonne & Kirby Chin
In Memory of Richard B. Sodikow

Dale DeLetis
in Honor of Debbie Simon

Jose Ferreira & Amy Felkner

Mark Ferguson

Harvard Consulting
In Memory of Keith West

Greg and Rochelle Lanier

Robert S Littlefield
in Honor of Lindsay & Brady Littlefield

David Lopez
In Memory of Lanny & BJ Naeglin

Anoop Mishra

Wendy Orthman

Lindsey and Andy Poker

Donus & Lovila Roberts

David Singh

Ge Wang

J. Scott & Megan Wunn


($500 – $999)

David and Kathie Abel


Gay Brasher
in Memory of Donovan Cummings

Fan Chen

Rajive Dhar

Project Dialogue

Lance Fensterman

Mary Gormley

Vicki Joss

Matthew Kaler
In Memory of Chris Reiland

Louie Mattachione

Dana R. Matsushita & Rokaya Hassaballa
In Honor of Beth & Ben Cukier

Dr. Randy Patterson

Michael Reszler

Andrea Singh

Ryan Struve

Deborah Simon
In Honor of Dale DeLetis and In Memory of Lanny D Naeglin and BJ Naegelin

Joshua D. Swartsel
In Memory of Harold Keller

Daniel & Charlotte Tyree

David Zarefsky

Double Octafinalist

($250 – $499)

In Memory of Chris Reiland

Jenna Robinson Andrew

Dr. Kenny & Nancy Barfield

Ted W. Belch

Susan Napier & Alex Berger

Mike & Sheila Carter

Peter Coffey and Kristine Clearly

Chevala Conner

Alan Coverstone

Don & Ann Crabtree

David & Barbara Dansky

Mike Edmonds
In Honor of Timmy Jenkins

Eric Engstrom

Sara Gibson

Colin Goodson

John Halbach
In Honor of Scott Voss

Seth Halvorson
In Honor of W. Scott Nobles, Richard Lesicko, Rog Mosvick, and the Macalester College Debate Team

Mario Herrera

David & Judy Huston

David Henry Hwang

Andrew Hermansen

Beth & Pat Ingram

Adam Jacobi & Scott Baker

Dawn Jenkins
In Honor of Pam Syren

Annie Kastanek

Ann Kim
In Honor of Pay Wycoff

Sarah Knobloch

Raymond & Pam McComas
In Honor of Natalie McComas Gallecier

Melanie McMahon
In Honor of Sharon & Denis LaComb

Mel Olsen

Sarah Pickell

Dr. Paulette and Bruce Reikowski

Caitlyn Ross
In Honor of Keith West

Blake & Yvonne Schaeffer

Steven and Anna Schappaugh

Peter Simones
In Honor of Joe and Pam Wycoff and all of AVHS Speech

Michael Starks

Gena Stern

Aimee Teslaw

Charis Thatcher
In Honor of Matt Kaler

Maria Thayer

Jonathan Tyree

Brant Ullery
In Honor of Joe and Pam Wycoff

Liz Weas

David Wendt

Eric and Amy Windeknecht

Sheila Wogen

Sally Zimney

Angela Zurick


($100 – $249)

Shawn & Lynn Aiken
Lisa Anderson

Tim Averill
in Memory of Lauren B Averill

David Baker

Megan Bartle

Duane Benton

Georgia S. Brady

Glenn Cavanaugh

Alden B Chace

Matthew Clair

Pete Clancy

Cori Coleman

Beena Cook

Bret Culpepper

Rev. Bob & Sarah Dillingham
In Memory of Keith West

Michael A. Eick
In Memory of Keith West

Anotnia Espey

Mindy Fenske

Elizabeth Forslund

Pablo Gannon

Katie Gerbensky Serrano

Robert Gumerlock

Vince Hall

Mary C Hanmer

Aaron Hardy

Rachel Haselhuhn

Jan Heiteen

Matt Herzog

Nicole Hinnebusch

Bill Holscher

Robert Ihrig

Jennifer Jerome

Robert J. Kelly

Michelle Kelsey

Anne Kerber
In Memory of Suzanne V. Loen Berg

Jerry & Cathy Koering

Vicki Larsen

Becki Leahy

J.E. Masters
In Memory of Carmendale Fernandes

Michael Marks
In Honor of Geneva Patterson

Chase & Lauren McCool

Shawn McDougall

Edward McGuire

Steve Meadows

Doug McNaul
In Memory of Bob Ickes

Arlyn and Mark Miller

Robert “Bob” Marks
in Memory of Tom Brasher

Renee Motter

Cynthia Muhamedagic

Lindsey Mollenhauer

Peter Nikolai
In Honor of Jim Agan

Chris Palmer

Jackie & Michael Oakes

Deano Pape

Warren Poscman

James Poterba
in Memory of Edwin M Kelly

Matthew Potter

Zachary Prax

Brian Presnall

Jim & Colleen Reisener
in Honor of Annie & Matt Reisener

Richard L. Rice
in Memory of Ruth Rice

Brian & Missy Roberts

Lorraine Ross

Johanna Russell and Jared Feuerhelm

Jay Rye

Andrew Shaughnessy

Jamey Siefert
In Honor of B.J. and Lanny Naegelin

Caroline & Jon Skidmore

Micki W Smith

W Stephen Smith

Danielle Strait

Michael & Lynn Sullivan

Susan & Eric Sutherland

Lindsey Teigland
In Honor of Apple Valley High School Speech and Debate Team

Marla Tepper

Margaret Owen Thorpe

Steven Tidrick

Cindi & Aaron Timmons
In Honor of Joshua Timmons

Jack Tuckness

Maureen J Voll
In Memory of Carl Grecco

Natalie Weber

Gregory F. Wells

Jonathan Wolshuck

Lonny & Linda Wunn

Yale University Parent Gifts Team


($0 – $99)

Isaac Adams

Elijah Allen

Kenneth Anderson

Matthew Anderson


Lily Antor

Byron Arthur

Harisha Bastiampillai

Carmela Benavides

Christine Berros

Elizabeth Blair

Doris & Roger Brannan

Alexander Brookins

Stephan Brooks

Kate Burnite

Jennifer Burton

Ryann Burton

Karen Bush
in Memory of Keith West

Christine Campbell

Margaret Caro

Jim & Theresa Cavallo

Meghan Cavanagh

Bro. Anthony Cavet
in Memory of Charles Donovan

Buddy Cook
In Memory of Bob Ickes

Scott Cox

Mark Deaton

Rob Dekoven

Jesus Delgado

Winifred & Henry Dick

Rodolfo Dominguez

Aaron Drews

Marina Fang

Tony Figliola

Carly Fitzgerald

Jason Foley

Collin Galster

Charlie Grabois

Parker Gay

James Gentile

Sara Gison

Amber Gracia

Carey Grady

Jinping Guo

Michael Hagedorn

Andrew Harding

Rikki and Dan Helvick

Benjamin Horlick

Brian Howe

Meg Howell-Haymaker

Alexandra Hyler

Jason Kanetakis

Samhita Kashyap Kiran
In Memory of Bob Ickes

Jacob Kinman

Peter & Vered Klein
in Honor of Nicole Wanzer-Serrano

Chad Kuyper
In Memory of Suzanee V. Loen Berg

William & Valerie Koeber

Susan Kriegel

Ron Krikac
In Honor of James Copeland

Holly Kyle
In Honor of Kevin Klein

Jacquleyn Langston

Clare Lascelles

Ed Lee

Marshall Lichty

Madison Liska

Kelcy Lofgren

J Mabrier

Bryn Malone

Eileen MacDougall

Caitlin Marsch

Timohty McAuliffe

Colleen McCluskey

Seth McCutchen

Maggie McEnerny

Angela McMillan

Deena McNamara

Doug McNaul

James Menchinger
in Memory of Margaret Miller

Taylor Mills

Chase Morris

Ambre Moton

Davansh Pandey
In Honor of Louis D. Caro

Joanna Miller

Melissa Narvaez

Brenda Parrett

Alyssa Payne

Margaret Pence

Melody Peters

Mateo Portelli

Paul Porter

J Purkaple

Bilal Qureshi

Liam Reaser

Annie Reisener

Frank Riccobono

Jocelin Rivera

Grace Rogers

Daniel Rodriguez

Harmony Rutherford

Mackenzie Ryan

Jorie St. Clair

Ronda Scott

Amy and Ray Seidelman

Daniel Shafir

Alicia Shankland

Daniel Siegel

Jill Sitnick

Shannon Southam

Laura Stein

Joshua Tang

Venu Thirumala

Joseph Thompson

Lacy Tooker-Kirkevold

James & Joanne Trees
in Memory of Keith West

Tobias Uecker

Katrina Umbaugh

Sabrina Umbaugh

Rhianna Urban

Nicole and Darrel Wanzer-Serrano

Lisa Weber

Terri Webley

Betty Whitlock

Amanda (Freel) Wille

Charlie Woodruff

Tanush Yadav

Justin Yang

Xiaohan Zhou

Blake Ziegler

Annual Report

The National Speech & Debate Association’s Annual Report reviews changes in the Association over the past year and provides information about its fiscal health.

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