This answer will provide the basics for points entry. If you have a unique situation, please email with the subject line “Points Entry” for additional help.

1) Log in at and click on Account (in the upper right corner) which will bring you to your coach profile page. After that, click on Enter Points on the left side of the screen (under Quick Links) which will take you to our points application. You will see your School Profile Page. If you see a red dot (alert sign) next to your school’s name, click on that, and it will show you any outstanding invoices or credits your school has. If you have a zero balance you may move on to the next step.

NOTE: Your account must be active (annual dues paid and account in good standing) prior to being allowed to enter students and points.

2) Return to your School Profile Page (if you were just looking at your financials, click the link at the top of the points application to Return to School Profile). Scroll down to your student listings. You should see Add Student with a plus sign next to it. If you do not see this, you may not have permissions, or your account may not be paid. Call us at 920.748.6206 or email If you do see a plus sign next to add students, you are ready for the next step.

3) Click on Add Students and add students to your school. Be sure that you are spelling the names correctly and that you have the correct graduation date. You may add multiple students at one time, just be sure to save each student after entering the information (you will see a message that indicates that the student has been created at the top of the screen). When you are finished, click on Return to School Profile Page. You should now see a list of students you have added under the Non-member Students section.

NOTE: Students become members when they have earned 25 merit points. When they have achieved those points, they become Member Students and an invoice for $20 for each student is posted to the school’s account. This membership fee is lifetime and extends into Pi Kappa Delta, the collegiate honorary.

4) Now that you have added students, you may enter tournament results. Return to the School Profile Page and click on Enter Points. You may add points by individual student or by tournament. After you select an option, you will be taken to a points entry screen. Select the student(s) to receive points. Fill in the rest of the information, including tournament name, dates, and location.

5) Select a coach. The coach will receive 10% of the student’s points. Only one coach may be selected at one time. However, different coaches can receive points for different tournaments or even different events at that tournament if double entry is allowed.

6) Click on the radio button for the type of event. For debate, you will enter the wins and losses. N = No Decision. A bye counts as a win. If there are paneled rounds (more than one judge at a time), issue the overall result of the round — DO NOT CLAIM WINS OR LOSSES FOR EACH JUDGE. If the team or individual earned a 2-1 decision by a panel, for example, it is recorded as a win.

7) For speech, you will enter the ranks for each round of competition. Enter a 1 for first place, a 2 for second place, etc. Do not tie ranks unless it is the last rank in the round. If there are paneled rounds (more than one judge at a time), issue the overall result of the round — DO NOT CLAIM RANKS FOR EACH JUDGE. If the duo or individual earned ranks of 1-2-3 and placed 2nd in the final round, for example, put a 2 in the box for the overall rank in the tournament. If the result is a semi-final round, make your best estimate for the overall rank in the round – for example, if the student earned a 4-4-5 in a semi-final and did not advance to finals, you would record a rank of 4 for that round. Do NOT claim multiple judge ranks for a single round.

NOTE: Please place the ranks in order of rounds. For example, if the student earned 4th place in the first round, 2nd place in the second round, and 5th place in the third round, the coach should enter 4-2-5 in that order.

8) For Congress, you should enter results for each speech the student was scored. Using a standard 6-point scale, you may claim the specific points earned by the student up to 5 speech scores per day. For example, if the student earned 6 points on one speech, 5 points each on two speeches, 3 points on a fourth speech, and 2 points on one speech, the coach would enter 21 points in the box. DO NOT SIMPLY MARK 24 POINTS FOR EACH STUDENT PER DAY – be sure that you are using the actual scores from the judges. DO NOT CLAIM MORE THAN 24 POINTS PER DAY IN CONGRESS.

IMPORTANT: At least four schools must be in attendance at any tournament to be eligible for points. Scrimmages and practice debates do NOT count for merit points entry.

For scoring situations outside these guidelines, please see the Unified Manual for either high school or middle school points recording. You may also receive assistance by calling 920.784.6206 or email