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AvatarChristy Briggs

Student of the Year: the district committee reviews all applications and has a round table discussion about the merits of each applicant. We are a small district, and the teams who show up at the District Tournament are the same teams that form our local debate league, so the committee is usually quite familiar with each student. When a committee member has nominated their own student, that committee member appoints a stand-in for them for the round table discussion & voting.

Coach of the year: we haven’t awarded a coach of the year for several years. Mainly because, for years, we used to do this at our last league tournament and we found that the same coaches would get the award each year. Once that realization was made, we began working our way through the coach list and awarding the honor to whomever hadn’t received it yet. Overall, the award sort of lost meaning. However, since it’s been 5-6 years since we’ve handed out a coach award, we have begun talking about resurrecting the practice.

Volunteer: this is probably the easiest award to give, as each year someone just seems to stand out as an incredible helper. In general, the District Committee sends out an email asking for nominations & the same name comes back; it’s a different person each year, but somehow everyone has been on the same page about who that person should be.

World Schools: We have used the “Option B” that was put out by the NSDA the first year we were able to submit teams. We cultivate the team by selecting 1st alternate seniors by highest points, and work our way down the list from there. We like the idea that it offers seniors one last opportunity to get to Nationals & that it creates a team of students from a collection of schools in our District.