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AvatarSteve Meadows

Christy and Jay both cited our experiences in Kentucky and provided strong analysis of the issues I think are universal. I like Jay’s idea about taking the coach to the tournament, and I’m hoping that video conference competition expansion will help with this exponentially. Once they try it from home, they’ll be more willing to get on the road and do it “live and in person” (and to advocate for schools to make it happen).

To me, this is the MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE NSDA SHOULD BE PUTTING ENERGY AND RESOURCES INTO — growing the activity. While we have more resources than we used to for help with spreading the gospel (the celebrity videos are a big plus), we need even more. I have an elevator speech idea I’m going to throw at the ROSTRUM, and I would love to have resources like a one-sheet with the information Jay refers to above that I can hand to an administrator as a souvenir of our talks together.