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AvatarJay Stubbs

My best advice is to meet with your district committee to talk about distribution of jobs for the upcoming district tournament. You will find that there are coaches in your district that have strengths that you can utilize in organizing the tournament. You don’t have to do it all alone. Find those with strength in tabbing, dealing with judges as well as those who are very familiar with the rules. The next thing I would suggest is talking through the judging needs for your district tournament as well as discussing an appropriate strike policy. It is important to communicate all of these details to the coaches in your district as soon as possible. Transparency is key. Coaches get upset when they don’t know what is going on or why things are happening the way they are. If you are planning on implementing changes I suggest communicating them as soon as possible to avoid confusion with previous practices. Good luck Heath…you know how to get in touch with me if you have other questions.