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AvatarKeith Pittman

I remember the days when the district tab room was closed. The district chair pretty much ran the tournament and the committee just did whatever the chair asked of them. Since becoming chair, I have tried to move to a model where the committee functions as an actual committee and makes decisions by consensus or by vote rather than the chair making all the decisions. I am the person who moderates the meetings and serves as the chief communicator for the district, but I do not dictate policy or make many unilateral decisions. I try to leave the major decisions to the entire committee. We have also opened the tab room to be transparent in our actions at the district tournament. Any district coach of record is welcome to come into tab and see the process and results. But the thing that I am happiest about is having regular online district meetings where coaches of all district schools are invited to attend and offer input to the district committee before it makes its decisions. This has given all stakeholders more of a voice, not just the elected district committee or just the chair.