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AvatarRachel Page

General tournament structure:
– Agree with Adam on the expectations for students and judges regarding rooms.
– No food/drink in classrooms.
– We use tabroom for all tournaments in our state. Having dance cards and master ballots has eliminated the need to sign in/write anything on the board.
– Utilize hallway monitors

– Make special note of rooms that would use furniture for a particular event and assign based on teachers you know are not a “problem”
– I have my team take pictures or video every classroom that is being used in their section. They are responsible for making sure that it matches at the end of the day. I then do a final scan of the rooms with my captains just for a double-check.
– Definitely note who your custodial staff will be on that day and establish a relationship with that person. I always make sure I get a walkie-talkie so I can communicate any needs.