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AvatarAshley Murphy

Hi! If you have strong feelings about the PF topic, there are definitely ways that you can get involved in the process. At the beginning of the year, NSDA released all of the “starter resolutions” for each of the different topic areas. They can be found at: NSDA Topics. That page also has a little bit more detail on how the process works as a whole as well as the timeline for each month. When the topic area is released (usually about 6 weeks before the topic), there is a period where coaches/community members can submit feedback or resolution ideas that they have. Right now, for example, feedback is being collected for the April topic area.

The starter topics on the website are typically the jumping off point for the discussion that the wording committee has but there have been times when one or both of those resolutions were scrapped and reworked so any suggestion that comes in is fair game to be discussed. The form for sharing feedback can be found on the NSDA website under the starter resolutions.

If there are other coaches that you are talking to that have similar views or have strong opinions on the topic area, I would encourage them to submit feedback as well during the wording process prior to when topics are released for voting (which is usually about a week before the topic comes out). The more feedback the committee receives, the more they can explore topic options that fit what the community is asking about.

Hope that helps!