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AvatarJoshua Wimberley

I am using a dual prong approach to recruitment.

1. I have gotten permission from my principal to have freshmen take Debate 1 on our Senior campus with me. They start the school day with me in zero hour and continue into 1st period. A district bus then takes them back to the Freshman campus for 2nd period. We do the same thing with our freshman robotics team so we already had the bus available. I work with our 8th grade feeder schools (specifically the ELA dept) to identify good writers and critical thinkers that might enjoy joining our team.

2. I have worked with our CTE department to establish Professional Communications and Web Communications as a critical pathway (required) course for any of our CTE programs. All sophomores that come into the CTE program have to come through one of my communications classes where I can identify potential team members over the course of the year. Students that are in one of my Comm classes are allowed to join the team and participate as an after-school club activity.

I also use an application procedure for my Debate 1 selection. It also includes our Team Contract (parent and student versions). I will attach the document to this post if you’re interested in seeing what we use.