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AvatarBrian Rohman

(1) I LOVE how the extra minute allows the debate to be collapsed effectively without there being too much information. Essentially, it prevents students from spreading in this speech to cram everything in in 2 minutes.
(2) I feel that it allows for students to actually prepare speeches. I would be in strong support to keep this change permanently as well!
(3) I haven’t noticed a substantial change in practice other than some students have been empowered to paraphrase more. I do agree that paraphrasing is an important life skill AND that there is a burden on our students to know the evidence, know to call for it when it sounds fishy, and to call it out at the end of the round. Anything can be misrepresented (paraphrased or not).
(4) I don’t think there has been a change in Grand Cross.
(5) Yes!
(6) Yes!

I think that anything that can be done to preserve PF as its own form of debate should be done! There is a reason that PF has been such a significant portion of the debate community across the nation right now.