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AvatarMatthew Good

1 – It’s good for debates (my debaters all love it) and harder for tournaments to administer. In MO PF is always double flighted in prelims and PF ballots always come in last because the debate is so dilatory in general (coin toss, getting up and down with 4 people, etc.). This has made it more difficult to get in a prelim in a 1 and 1/2 hour window.
2 – Same as above in terms of administration. As to the debate itself, I doubt anyone is complaining that they have more prep time.
3 – No. Not many teams paraphrase ’round these parts. If they do, they were used to defending the evidence upon challenge anyway.
4 – No. Grand is a melee anyway. It’s a unique feature of the event. I think the proposal above (Justin maybe?) to make the first 2 “grand” style and cut the 3rd would be a great change and alleviate some timing concerns.
5 – Yep
6 – Yep