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AvatarHolly Custer

Feedback from coaches in my district:
Coach 1: As far as I’m concerned (and I actually did judge some PF this year, under the new rules), I have seen no appreciable impact from a judging perspective. I think the time changes are marginally beneficial, however, if the goal was to permit some more in-depth analysis of the topic, it does not. It only permits extra time for card spamming, which means instead of giving 7 reasons why the opponents’ argument is wrong, I can now spew out 10.
Bottom line – neutral – no impact positively or negatively.

Coach 2: Our PF team loved the additional minute for summary. It gave the first speaker a much more prominent role in the round. The additional minute of prep that came with it also helped with the quality of arguments that were made. Overall we liked the rules change.

Coach 3: I preferred the 3 minute summaries to the 2 minute ones because it allowed for a more well rounded summary. I do think that one annoying thing for us was that several judges (including myself) have apps that we use to time (I use RidgeDebate on iPhone) and the changed times made it annoying to use. If NSDA could make a timing app that allowed for time adjustments that is structured similarly to RidgeDebate, I think that this season would have been a lot easier and would also help bring in new judges…one less thing to worry about!