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Hired Judging Board FAQ

What is the NSDA’s role in this process?
The NSDA is offering this board as service to its members. The NSDA in no way endorses the judges that offer their time. Each school should follow their district/school’s applicable policies for hiring and vetting. Additionally, the NSDA will not be involved in any financial agreement between a school and a judge.
How much should judges get paid?
Schools and judges may determine their own rates, but we suggest a minimum judge pay rate of $75 per day.
Who can be hired to judge?
While the NSDA always encourages experienced judges, anyone who graduated in or before 2018 may serve as a judge. . All judges are encouraged to take the NFHS’ judging courses:
    1. Adjudicating Speech and Debate (3hr)
    2. Cultural Competence Course (1hr)
When will this board close?
This board will close for new submissions on June 13, 2020 at 5pm central.
Who should I contact with my questions and/or concerns about this process?
Please direct your emails to Lauren McCool at .