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Chicago Debates (CD) is searching for talented, engaging and enthusiastic external coaches to support the expansion of our new Public Forum programming. Those who work in this role will assist us in achieving our mission of advancing the educational achievement, community contributions, and life success of Chicago’s youth through the transformative power of academic debate. This will be the first full season of PF debate we will be offering. The majority of the schools participating in this format are middle schools brand new to the league. If you want to inspire and train the next generation of urban debaters, CD wants you! Responsibilities are flexible and determined by school need and community coach availability.


  • Public Forum debate knowledge. We’re not looking for someone who was the most competitively successful. The ideal candidate understands PF debate and knows how to effectively communicate and teach its concepts to an audience unfamiliar with debate.
  • Access to a reliable vehicle for work is preferred but not required as many of our schools are located on the west and south sides of Chicago.
  • Legal clearance to work with minors. Must pass a background check, TB test, and any others required by Chicago Public Schools (potentially including a drug test).
  • Strong ethics, maturity, and appropriate boundaries for adult interactions with minors, including compliance with all Chicago Public Schools HR and reporting requirements.

Typical Responsibilities (flexible based on school and coach need):

  • Tournaments: Attend Chicago Debate League tournaments to coach and judge. Public Forum schools will have access to three tournaments this season (October, December, and January).
  • Practice: Attend after school practices at least 2x/month. Schedule to be agreed upon between coach and community coach.
  • Coach support: Work with the head coach to determine need, goals, team structure, etc.

Pay will be determined based on schedule and availability. Sound interesting to you? We are actively hiring community coaches now!


To apply for this job please visit