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Think Hard, Talk Fast

Hi everyone, this is Harbinger debate, a debate training company based in China (Shanghai, Hangzhou and Beijing), primarily training students on American-style of debate (mostly Public Forum but also including other formats like BP and World School) and preparing them for tournaments in China as well as in the U.S. Our students frequently break in U.S. national-level tournaments including Harvard and Stanford Invitationals and others.  We are looking to recruit new debate coaches if you are interested.  We will take care of the visa application process and cover incurred costs.

Work requirement:

Teach Speech and Debate classes in our education centers, mostly during the weekends and after school time during the week

Be able to teach based on a set of curriculum but also spark your own creativity for different levels of debate courses

Help prepare students for debate tournaments

Collaborate with the academic team on class design and material preparation.

Personal requirement:

Have experience debating as a student in either high school or college debate tournament (Public Forum, LD, Policy, Congressional, World School or others), or have experience coaching these debate formats. Preferably have regional or national-level debate awards

Bachelor’s Degree or above

Strong work ethic and team player

Benefits: 27-40k RMB/month (equivalent to 4.2k-6.2k USD/month) + paid vacations per + Adequate Health Insurance plan

Young and motivating team atmosphere, a strong start-up culture

Flexible working hours

To apply for this job email your details to