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National Speech & Debate Association

The NSDA is looking for a contractor who will create an advanced evidence/research guide 2 weeks into each topic. The advanced research guide should cover “as the topic has progressed, here’s the direction we’ve seen the aff/neg go and what’s surprised us.” It should also include a bibliography of more advanced sources for debaters to look into. The NSDA will send topic immediately after announcement.

This position would provide bi-monthly guides for the 2022-2023 school year. If you are interested, please complete this application to be considered for the contractor position.

Files are due 1-2 weeks into each topic, beginning with the September/October topic and going through the March/April topic. An example of a previous guide can be found here for reference:

Lincoln-Douglas Advanced Research Guide – 2021 September/October

Pay: $125/two arguments per month, with a $20 bonus for delivering resources by the established monthly deadline.

To apply for this job please visit