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In an authentically diverse community reflective of Los Angeles, New Roads prepares young people for life by developing in them a personal dedication to learning, a respect for independent thinking, an expanding curiosity about the world and its people, and a commitment to the common good.

The Director of Speech and Debate is charged with leading, managing, and coordinating  the Speech and Debate program in alignment with the school’s Mission, Statement of Philosophy, and Commitments. Foundational to the Statement of Philosophy, the Speech and Debate Program provides tools to participate intellectually, socially, politically, and morally, “to read well and write clearly,” “to reason and to question thoughtfully, soundly, critically, and ethically,” “to invite and seek to understand contradictory and complementary perspectives,” and “to listen and and understand empathically.” The Speech and Debate program offers a diverse group of young people an intellectually rigorous space where they can explore social and political issues through the refinement of their rhetorical, speaking, thinking, research, and listening skills. Through the incorporation and employment of these tools in the K-12 program and by students, the Speech and Debate Program drives the generative intellectual culture of New Roads inside and outside of the classroom and prepares our young people to be powerfully compassionate advocates.

The Director of Speech and Debate Director will strive to accomplish these mission-critical aims and will further cultivate the program’s commitment to building on its state and national reputation, competitive excellence, authentic collaboration, public speaking, research skills, student leadership and choice, and diversifying the activity. The Speech and Debate Director will also work to ensure that New Roads Speech and Debate Team reflects the diversity of the school. Through competition and community outreach, students develop empathy and practice being conscientious decision-makers and informed democratic citizens. The Director of Speech and Debate will lead and manage Speech and Debate practices, teachers, assistant coaches and community volunteers so that students will be best prepared to compete at the local, state, and national levels.

As  New Roads is committed to “disrupt[ing] systems that produce inequality” and “to behaving responsibly and honorably…as an institution, and serving the larger ecological and social community,” the Director of Speech and Debate will strive to diversify those who participate in Speech and Debate inside and outside of our league by actively supporting the development of these programs in underserved and under-resourced schools and communities.


Administrative Responsibilities

Design and conduct recruitment/outreach programs to attract new speech and debate team members
Create schedule of local and travel competitions
Manage Speech and Debate budget
Lead, manage, hire, train, evaluate, and coaches and teachers in program
Sponsor an active chapter of the NSDA
Host tournaments
Build relationships with peer schools in league
Participate in efforts to fundraising for program
Establish and monitor metrics for success for each program
Program Development and Cultural Integration

Grades K-5

Build capacity of teachers to implement Speech and Debate into classes and develop core skills
3-5 expose students to Speech and Debate
Intentionally encourage authentically diverse students to participate in debate
Run a unit on debate for all 5th grade students
Grades 6-8

Develop Speech Program
Coordinate Middle School Debate Curriculum with Middle School Teacher
Run Competitive Middle School Program
Provide professional development to build capacity of teachers to implement Speech and Debate into classes and develop core skills
Lead High School Mentoring Program for Middle School Speech and Debate
Integrate Speech and Debate into Town Halls and Student Life
Grades 9-12

Build on the Competitiveness of High School Speech and Debate Program, with the aim of continuing to establish its reputation for excellence on local, state, and national level
Teach Speech and Debate Classes
Provide professional develop to build capacity of teachers to implement Speech and Debate into classes and develop core skills
Integrate Speech and Debate into Town Halls and Student Life
Teach Social Science Elective
External Outreach

Work with admissions to recruit speech and debate students
Oversee Speech and Debate Web Page
Identify pipeline of teachers and coaches
Diversify Speech and Debate by actively seeking to support the development of programs in underserved and under-resourced schools and community
Serve as the Chief Spokesperson for Speech and Debate at New Roads
Bachelor Degree
3-5 years of teaching and coaching experience desirable
Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail
Record of commitment to diversity and wellness
Superior communication and management skills
Experience working with high school students
Experience as a competitor or coach in speech and/or debate events
Interested candidates should submit their application, cover letter, resume, and statement of educational philosophy at:

To apply for this job please visit