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The National High School Debate League of China is hiring our Academic director

The NHSDLC is the largest foreign-language high school debate league in China. We believe that interscholastic competitive debate is an extraordinary activity that channels students’ diverse talents and passions and allows them to better express themselves, communicate with others, and understand the world around them. We have created a debate tournament ecosystem for non-native English speakers comprised of regional competitions hosted by regional partners, invitational tournaments hosted by universities, and a national championship tournament.

Job Description:
Did you do debate in high school or college and remain passionate about the activity? Would you like to do your part in helping to bringing debate to new places across the world? Do you think that there’s something special at stake in promoting debate in a country like China? Do you like traveling, running tournaments, and jump-starting debate squads? If so, please read on.

NHSDLC is currently seeking a full-time Academic Director to assist in managing debate tournaments run by the National High School Debate League of China throughout the year. You coordinate and train the judges or facilitators at each event, answer any feedback or questions from participants, tabulate results, and help oversee opening, closing, and awards ceremonies. When you not running tournaments, you work in the Beijing/Shanghai office, writing topic background briefings, sample cases, and guides to debating that are circulated to tens of thousands of students in China.

This job might be a fit for you if:
–Gap year students, current university students, and high school graduates with extensive debate experience are welcome to apply.
–You speak and write English at a professionally proficient level.
–You have teaching experience or prior competitive success in debate. All English-language formats are welcome, although our competitions are primarily run in the U.S. Public Forum style.
–You are a confident public speaker.
–You enjoy travel and are interested in living in Beijing/Shanghai.
–You enjoy talking to people and have a strong sense of detail.

Salary is dependent upon experience and qualifications, generally between 25k-35k RMB/month

To apply for this job email your details to