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National Speech & Debate Association

The NSDA is looking for a contractor who will create the NSDA policy starter aff and provide Policy debate file updates each month. These supplemental files will cover two relevant arguments with both aff/neg positions. The monthly arguments should be original topic-specific arguments that wouldn’t typically be found in an established program’s backfiles or every-day evidence assignments. Excellent work would reflect an understanding of the topic’s progression over the course of the season.

This position would provide updates monthly for the 2022-2023 school year. If you are interested, please complete this application to be considered for the contractor position.

Files are due on the first of the month, beginning in September and going through April. Examples of updates used in the past can be accessed here for reference:

Policy Starter Files AFF – September 

Policy Starter Files – September Updates

Policy Starter Files – September Updates

Pay: $125/two arguments per month, with a $20 bonus for delivering resources by the established monthly deadline.

To apply for this job please visit