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A group of students at the School Without Walls High School (SWWHS) seeks a coach to help us start a Lincoln Douglas Debate + Speech team. While SWWHS currently has both policy and PF teams, our goal, as students with extensive debate and speech experience from middle school, is to create a more active program in new events. As the school year has not yet started, we are still waiting on finalizing staff sponsorship and approval of the program by the school; we believe it will be easier to get both with support from a coach already in place!

Required Experience:

  • Extensive knowledge of Lincoln Douglas debate, having debated successfully (or previously coached) on both local and national circuits;
  • Knowledge and ability to coach both progressive and traditional (lay) debate; and
  • Some experience in speech/coaching speech events (e.g., informative, OO, declamation, etc.)


  • Lead weekly or semi-weekly practices at SWWHS to prepare debaters for tournaments
  • Review debaters’ work and work 1-on-1 with team members between practices
  • Teach skills/strategies both to new and experienced debaters
  • Provide feedback on practice rounds
  • Register students and team judges for tournaments
  • Maintain record of student NSDA merit points
  • Collaborate with SWWHS administration


  • As the team is not yet established, compensation remains TBD. One of our first tasks as a team will be obtaining funding from the SWWHS and the debate community.


  • Email:

If you are interested in this position, please contact us at the email address above ASAP. We want to be able to start competing in local (WACFL) tournaments as soon as possible in order to qualify for metrofinals and (hopefully) national tournaments this year.

To apply for this job email your details to