2022 National Speech and Debate Tournament
2022 National Speech and Debate National Tournament
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2022 National Speech & Debate Tournament

Louisville, KY – June 12-17, 2022

Journey Begins In








Attend Nationals

Join us for the high school final rounds and awards ceremony livestream on Thursday, June 16 and Friday, June 17. Host a watch party with your fellow alumni and celebrate this year’s talent!

Access the Archive

Did you ever attend Nationals? Find your name in the archives! Look through past editions of the Tournament Book for event information, annual award recipients, attendee rosters, and more!

Judging Opportunities

Volunteer (or get paid!) to judge an NSDA-affiliated tournament. As a judge, you will provide culturally-competent and constructive feedback to meet students where they are and encourage their growth in speech and debate!

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Pay It Forward

Interviews. Careers. Advocating for Change. These are the areas where speech and debate make a difference. Now it’s your turn to make a difference by investing in the lives of those coming up after you – it’s time to Pay It Forward!

Suggested Donations:

    • $25 gifts a student access to online competition.
    • $175 provides a judge for online tournaments.
    • $450 starts a new speech and debate team with training, online competitions, and membership.

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Get Inspired

Watch these amazing Final Round Performances from the National Tournament.

Past Champions and Award Recipients

Check out past national champions, plus high school, middle school, and World School results.

Share Your Experience!

Share your experience by emailing alumni@speechanddebate.org or better yet, record a short video and upload it here. We would love to hear from you!

Adam - Graduated 2021

Before speech and debate, I had so much trouble speaking in front of an audience and had no idea how to research, network, or argue, nor did I know anything about current events. After 4 years of debating on the national circuit, I now love giving impromptu speeches on nuanced topics and have a passion for research and social issues.

Peter - Graduated 2016

Joining Speech and Debate is the single most impactful choice I have made in my life. Debate gave me the tools to think critically and the confidence to succeed. I have since worked for two Senators and on 6 Congressional races. Speech and Debate gave me a leg up on every opportunity I have had in my life. I will forever be thankful to the NSDA.

Nirvana - Graduated 2021

Before I started debate I was battling depression severe depression. Debate gave me something to look forward to and something to be proud of. It was and still is a major part of my recovery.

Barbara - Graduated 1996

I grew up in poverty, and Speech & Debate was my ticket out. No one in my family had ever graduated high school, let alone attended college. With the guidance of my amazing coach, Jana Riggins, I excelled and eventually went to college on a full scholarship with an invitation to be a part of their forensics team. I eventually graduated and became a Speech & Debate coach myself to pay it forward to others. After 11 years of coaching, I went into school administration and the skills I learned as a debater, extemper, and interper serve me well every day. I am constantly researching, collecting evidence, solving problems (Inherency is WAY more important than you think), and empathizing with people during their best and worst moments. No other activity has taught me as much or contributed as much to who I am as a person and as a leader.

Mateo - Graduated 2020

The NSDA has provided me, especially as a first-generation student, an unmatched set of tools for job interviews, professional and social relationship development, and of course giving presentations (especially extemporaneously) when needed. Plus, it’s always a delight to meet another debater around campus or elsewhere.

Attention Seniors

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Host a Watch Party

Dust off your binders, flip your pens, and get ready to flow with the finalists! Tune in to our livestream, on Thursday, June 16 and Friday, June 17, and relish in the nostalgia of the final rounds with your friends, family, and fellow alumni at your very own watch party!

How to Host a Watch Party:

    • Find a venue where you and your attendees can gather in-person or virtually.
    • Send out your 2022 Nationals Watch Party invitations either digitally or in the mail!
    • Bookmark our Livestream so it is easy to find: live.speechanddebate.org.
    • Don’t forget about food and snacks! Check out this recipe for Benedictine, a Kentucky-classic, from NSDA alum and six-time James Beard Award nominee, Ouita Michel.
    • Create your own judge panel with our downloadable debate ballot and speech ballot.
    • Plan for thoughtful discussion about the topics and performances in-between rounds.
    • Share your pictures and videos on social and tag #Nats22 so we can be part of your party!
    • Have fun, enjoy, and cheer on our finalists!