2022 National Speech and Debate Tournament
2022 National Speech and Debate National Tournament
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2022 National Speech & Debate Tournament

Louisville, KY – June 12-17, 2022

Journey Begins In








High School In-Person Judging

      • The COVID-19 Health and Safety Document is the hub for all health and safety information. COVID-19 vaccinations are required for all attendees, including students, coaches, judges, chaperones, parents, etc. When attendees are entered into a school’s Tabroom.com registration, they will receive an email invitation to complete the vaccine verification process or request an exemption.
      • COVID-19 health and safety policies regarding vaccination and mask requirements will not change.
      • Medical Services: If you need medical attention at the tournament, medical services are available in the Tournament Office at each competition venue. In the event of an emergency, always dial 911 first. 
      • Spectators: After assessing the competition spaces on the latest visit to Louisville, we have determined that limited observation of competition will be permitted. Observers with the appropriate ribbon who meet tournament policy surrounding vaccinations and masking will be permitted to enter and observe competition. The number of observers permitted per room will be limited to the number of chairs provided; seating will be limited. Observers will not be permitted in the University of Louisville dorm competition spaces. All health and safety mandates remain in place.
      • Crisis Communications: Download the National Tournament app, presented by University of Louisville, for all urgent tournament communications. Please make sure you have push notifications enabled on the app.
      • Receive Tournament Updates: On the General tab of your school’s Tabroom.com registration, you’ll find two options to sign up adults for tournament communications. First, you can enter the email address of any adult you want to receive tournament emails (no Tabroom.com account required). These emails may include procedures during an emergency, reminders about tournament events, and updates to the schedule or location of the tournament. You can also enter the Tabroom.com account email of any adult you would like to receive pairings of your school’s students texted and emailed to them. This may be useful for parents following along at home or a chaperone who may need to locate students.
      • Equity office: Equity Officers provide a first point of contact for attendees with inquiries related to harassment and discrimination at the tournament. If you have a concern about how people are treating you that you want to make known to the NSDA and, if appropriate, legal authorities, or you have witnessed behavior that is inconsistent with our NSDA Harassment and Discrimination Policy, please report to your building’s Tournament Office to reach an equity officer. You will be asked to fill out a form sharing your information and describing the violation. You will then discuss the grievance informally and on a verbal basis with the equity officer, who shall in turn investigate the complaint. 
      • Pronouns in Tabroom.com: Please let your students and judges know they can add their pronouns to their Tabroom.com profile. Those pronouns will be sent via email and text to other judges, other competitors, and followers of a section/debate as part of round pairings. Pronouns also will appear on judges’ online or printed ballots. They will not appear on the public Tabroom.com website either to tournament staff or on the public schematics. Pronouns can be modified at any time. We expect you to take note of and respect other attendees’ pronouns throughout the tournament.
      • Inclusive Restrooms: We have designated restrooms in each of the venues that can be used by anyone. We thank you for respecting our diverse community of participants, judges, coaches, and observers.
      • Quiet Room: Each venue will have a designated quiet room for students or adults who are looking for a quiet space for prayer or relaxation. Visit the Tournament Office for access to the quiet room.
      • Lactation room: Each venue will have a designated lactation room. Visit the Tournament Office for access.
      • Accessibility: If you have questions about tournament accessibility or would like to request an accommodation for one of your school’s participants, please contact Eli Woody at info@speechanddebate.org.
Judge Day System
    • Judging is owed on a per-day basis for most in-person events. A judge who is entered for judge days in a category must be available for all rounds of that event held on that day. A judge may not fill only part of a day’s obligation. One judge may cover a maximum of 3 days. 
      • Big Questions and World Schools judges do not use the day system; BQ and WS judges must be available Monday-Thursday for all rounds.
    • One judge may cover days in more than one judge category. For example, a judge could cover 1 day of speech and 2 days of Lincoln-Douglas.
    • All judges are eligible to be assigned to judge supplemental speech and Extemp Debate, regardless of whether their school has entries in supplemental events.
    • Judges must have left or graduated high school before July 31, 2020, or earlier to be eligible to judge. Bringing a judge who does not meet this requirement will result in loss of judge bond and a $500 fee ($700 total).
    • All judges must have a linked Tabroom.com account. Online ballots will be used in every main and supplemental event.
      • If your Tabroom.com account shows “Welcome to Tabroom!”, you will need to link your account to your school before you are eligible to judge at the National Tournament. 
        • Select “Link your account” under the “Are you a judge?” header. 
        • Search for your first and last name as they appear on your school’s Tabroom.com judging roster. 
        • Select “Link” next to your name and school.
        • If it says there are no judges with your name, ask your tournament director how your name is displayed on the roster so you can type it in exactly. 
        • The coach of the school you’re judging for will receive an email notification to log in to Tabroom.com, select the Judges tab to access your school’s roster, and approve your request to be linked!
      • To double check you are all set up and ready to judge, make sure National Speech and Debate Tournament is listed under the Judging header on the right side of your Tabroom.com account.
      • If it’s not, ask your coach to double check that they linked the correct Tabroom.com account to your entry in  your school’s online registration.  
Ballot Feedback
    • New at the 2022 National Tournament, judges in all main events and supplemental events will be required to leave written feedback on their ballots. Meaningful written feedback allows coaches and competitors to understand why they received the decision or ranks they did and is essential to growth in speech and debate activities and beyond.
All Judges
    • May 15: Deadline to certify in Tabroom.com that judges have completed the Cultural Competence Judge Training course.
    • All judges are encouraged to complete the diversity questionnaire each year. Demographic information will be used for the purposes of providing an overall baseline of representation within our judging pool to allow the NSDA to best target its judge recruitment process to provide diverse panels for participants. This demographic information will not be made public and is not saved from year to year. 
    • Judges with 2+ years of experience coaching, judging, or competing in an event can self-nominate themselves to judge a semifinal or final round. Any judge selected to judge a final round will be paid a $20 honorarium for their time since finals judging is beyond their school’s judging obligation.
    • The ability to certify judge training was completed, fill out paradigm forms, self-nominate, and complete the demographics questionnaire can be accessed by logging in to Tabroom.com, selecting “National Speech and Debate Tournament” under the Judging header, and selecting “Judge Forms.” 
Policy and Lincoln-Douglas Judges
    • May 15: Deadline to complete the Nationals Paradigm Form through Tabroom.com
World Schools Debate Judges
    • All judges in World Schools Debate are required to complete an additional training on Sunday, June 12 at the Kentucky Expo Center.
  • Review the full round-by-round schedule for each event.
  • Judges, you will know the day and venue you have been assigned for each day of the tournament on June 9. Judges must be at their assigned venue for each round on that day. 
  • Judges who are judging a day with preliminary rounds will receive their assignments by Monday morning of the tournament. Judges who are judging a day with elimination rounds will not receive assignments until up to 30 minutes prior to the round’s start time. 
  • All ballots and judging assignments will be released digitally on Tabroom.com. No paper ballots or schematics will be distributed. Be sure to pack your chargers and devices!
  • If a judge fails to report for each round on a day they are obligated, their school will forfeit the judge bond of $200 for the first round missed, and a $100 per judge per round penalty will be assessed thereafter.