2022 National Speech and Debate Tournament
2022 National Speech and Debate National Tournament
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2022 National Speech & Debate Tournament

Louisville, KY – June 12-17, 2022

Journey Begins In








Congratulations! We are excited to host you at Nationals!

Download the National Tournament app, presented by University of Louisville, for direct access to everything you need to know during the tournament. This is your hub for all things related to the high school National Tournament. This page will be continuously updated as additional information becomes available.

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In-Person Tournament Information

    • The COVID-19 Health and Safety Document is the hub for all health and safety information. COVID-19 vaccinations are required for all attendees, including students, coaches, judges, chaperones, parents, etc. When attendees are entered into a school’s Tabroom.com registration, they will receive an email invitation to complete the vaccine verification process or request an exemption.
    • COVID-19 health and safety policies regarding vaccination and mask requirements will not change.
    • Medical Services: If you need medical attention at the tournament, medical services are available in the Tournament Office at each competition venue. In the event of an emergency, always dial 911 first. 
    • Spectators: After assessing the competition spaces on the latest visit to Louisville, we have determined that limited observation of competition will be permitted. Observers with the appropriate ribbon who meet tournament policy surrounding vaccinations and masking will be permitted to enter and observe competition. The number of observers permitted per room will be limited to the number of chairs provided; seating will be limited. Observers will not be permitted in the University of Louisville dorm competition spaces. All health and safety mandates remain in place.
    • Crisis Communications: This Nats22 app is the hub for all urgent tournament communications. Please make sure you have push notifications enabled on the app. The app will be available for download in June.
    • Equity office: Equity Officers provide a first point of contact for attendees with inquiries related to harassment and discrimination at the tournament. If you have a concern about how people are treating you that you want to make known to the NSDA and, if appropriate, legal authorities, or you have witnessed behavior that is inconsistent with our NSDA Harassment and Discrimination Policy, please report to your building’s Tournament Office to reach an equity officer. You will be asked to fill out a form sharing your information and describing the violation. You will then discuss the grievance informally and on a verbal basis with the equity officer, who shall in turn investigate the complaint. 
    • Inclusive Restrooms: We have designated restrooms in each of the venues that can be used by anyone. We thank you for respecting our diverse community of participants, judges, coaches, and observers.
    • Quiet Room: Each venue will have a designated quiet room for students or adults who are looking for a quiet space for prayer or relaxation. Visit the Tournament Office for access to the quiet room.
    • Lactation room: Each venue will have a designated lactation room. Visit the Tournament Office for access.
    • Accessibility: If you have questions about tournament accessibility or would like to request an accommodation for one of your school’s participants, please contact Eli Woody at info@speechanddebate.org.

All topics will be released at www.speechanddebate.org/national-tournament-topics.

    • May 1: Lincoln-Douglas and Public Forum topics will be released May 1.
    • May 1: Prepared motions for World Schools Debate will be released May 1.
    • May 15: The Congressional Debate docket will be released by May 15.
      • For the first time ever, any high school or middle school NSDA member student, regardless of their national qualification status, was invited to directly submit legislation to be considered for the 2022 National Tournament Docket! Our goal was to open the door to more submissions, more diverse topics, and more student input. If a student’s legislation is selected to be part of the Nationals Docket, they will be recognized in Rostrum, receive a trophy after the tournament is over, and be awarded a $100 scholarship. Legislation will not be tied to its author at the National Tournament; no authorship speeches will be given. 
      • All submissions were due on February 15, 2022.
      • The potential legislation will be made available to the public May 1.
      • National Tournament qualifiers in the House and Senate will be invited to vote on the final docket through Tabroom.com between May 2-5.  
      • The final docket will be released by May 15.
    • May 1: United States and International Extemp topic areas will be released May 1.
Event Specific Topics
    • Pro Con Challenge: competitors may choose to give their speech on the Nationals topic from any of the following events: Policy, Public Forum, Lincoln-Douglas, or a piece of legislation from the High School Congressional Debate Docket.
    • Extemporaneous Debate: Topics will be released 30 minutes prior to each round.
    • Storytelling: No required theme or topic area.
    • Policy Debate: Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially increase its protection of water resources in the United States.
    • Big Questions: Resolved: On balance, societies benefit from religious belief and practice.
    • All tournament results can be found at nationals.tabroom.com by selecting the “Results” tab.
    • Debate: Win/loss records from prelims will be released for all students after the first elim’s schematic is posted. Win/loss results for each elim will be released when the next elim’s schematic is posted (e.g., round 7 results will be posted after the round 8 schematic is released). 
    • Main Speech: Prelim ranks will be posted for non-advancing students after the first elim schematic is posted. Nothing is posted for advancing students until they’re out of the tournament.
    • Congress: Prelim ranks will be released for all students after the first elim’s schematic is posted. Ranks for each elim will be released when the next elim’s schematic is posted (e.g., quarters ranks will be posted when the semis schematic is released).
    • Supplemental Speech: Prelim ranks will be posted for non-advancing students after the first elim’s schematic is posted. Nothing is posted for advancing students until they’re out of the tournament.
    • Extemp Debate: Win/loss records will be released for all students after prelims finish so they know whether they will be competing the next day. Win/loss results for each elim will be released when the next elim’s schematic is posted (e.g., round 7 results will be posted after the round 8 schematic is released).
    • Full tournament results and ballots will be posted at nationals.tabroom.com by Monday, June 20.

In-Person Supplemental Events

    • Live, in-person supplemental events Extemp Debate, Prose, Poetry, Storytelling, Impromptu, Expository, Extemp Commentary, and Original Spoken Word Poetry will be offered for students who travel to Louisville.
    • Students are NOT eligible to compete in online supplemental events if they are competing in in-person supplemental events.
      May 15 is the registration deadline for coaches to pre-register students into supplemental events. Students may be moved from in-person competition to online supplemental events until May 25; contact the national office for assistance.

Eligibility for In-Person Supplemental Events

    • Competitors in main events that are pre-registered and do not advance to elimination round competition on Wednesday of the National Tournament are eligible to re-register for in-person supplemental events on Tuesday.
    • Up to two non-qualifiers per school who attended districts that were pre-registered in supplemental events.
    • Students who qualified in a partner event whose partner cannot go to Louisville.

Non-Qualifier Competition in Supplemental Events

    • To be eligible for the non-qualifier opportunity, students must have competed at the district tournament or NSDA Last-Chance Qualifier and not qualified in a main event.
    • Each school may enter up to two students who competed at districts but did not qualify into in-person supplemental events.
    • AND, each school may enter up to two different students who competed at districts but did not qualify into online supplemental events.
    • This means that if a school is attending the tournament in Louisville, they may have a combined four non-qualifying students compete in supplemental events (two online, two in-person).
    • If your school has main event qualifiers in the National Tournament, register your two non-qualifying students on the “Entries” tab of your school’s Tabroom.com National Tournament registration.
    • If your school is only bringing non-qualifiers in supplemental events, you will see “National Speech and Debate Tournament” appear under your existing tournament registrations in Tabroom.com once your district chair posts your district’s results to Nationals. Register your two non-qualifying students on the “Entries” tab of that registration.


    • Students who are attending the in-person tournament must be pre-registered in supplemental events. Each supplemental event pre-registration costs $25. This entry fee is non-refundable. Students may be pre-registered in as many events as they wish.


    • Students who are attending the in-person tournament and intend to compete in supplemental events must be re-registered to confirm their participation between 6:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. on Tuesday, June 14, through Tabroom.com. Students who pre-registered but did not re-register will not be scheduled for competition. This applies to both students who compete in main events and students who are only competing in supplemental events.
    • There are limits to the supplemental events that students may be re-registered in. Students cannot cross enter Extemp Debate and any other supplemental speech event. Students may be re-registered in up to three supplemental speech events but no more than two events per pattern:
      • Pattern A: Extemp Commentary, Original Spoken Word Poetry, Prose
      • Pattern B: Expository, Impromptu, Poetry, Storytelling
      • OR Extemp Debate

Learn More

    • The William Woods Tate, Jr. Memorial Fund was designed to help students attend the National Speech & Debate Tournament. The Tate Fund will continue to provide financial assistances to schools who otherwise would be unable to attend the National Tournament. For 2022 National Tournament, the NSDA is proud to pledge $100,000 to schools to create a more equitable National Tournament experience.
    • Applications are now closed and our first round of financial assistance awards will be announced around May 15.

    • Thank you to the generosity of NSDA donors including the Julia Burke Foundation for making this possible.
    • Coaches of DI, HI, DUO, POI, INF, and OO are required to upload a working copy of their speech/script by May 15 through the Tabroom.com registration system. Review the script requirements prior to uploading. 
    • You can continue to make edits and changes after May 15, but something must be in the system by this deadline. Coaches must re-upload a final copy of speeches and scripts by Saturday, June 11. 

Round-By-Round Competition Schedule

NSDA Video and Social Media Teams will be onsite at various locations throughout the National Tournament. Students and coaches will have the opportunity to share their stories and appear in videos that will be released during and after the event.

Tabroom.com Basics

    • All students are required to have a linked account on Tabroom.com. Do not share accounts with other competitors or your coach!
    • To create an account, go to Tabroom.com and select “Sign Up” in the upper right corner. Use the column on the right side to fill out your info.
    • Once you have logged in, select “Profile” in the upper right. 
    • If you choose, you can add your pronouns. Those pronouns will be sent via email and text to the judges, other competitors, and followers of a section/debate as part of round pairings. Pronouns also will appear on judges’ online or printed ballots. They will NOT appear on the public Tabroom.com website either to tournament staff or on the public schematics. Pronouns can be modified at any time. We encourage you to take note of and respect other attendees’ pronouns throughout the tournament.
    • Select “Edit Names” to ensure your name is listed correctly and add a phonetic pronunciation of your name for us to use at the awards ceremony.
    • You can change your email or password on the profile page if needed.
    • If your Tabroom.com account shows “Competitor Records” in the upper right and displays Current, Future, Results, and NSDA tabs, your account is already linked to your school!
    • If your Tabroom.com account shows “Welcome to Tabroom!”, you will need to link your account to your school before you are eligible to compete at the National Tournament. 
      • Select “Link your account” under the “Or are you a competitor?” header. 
      • Search for your first and last name as they appear on your school’s NSDA roster. 
      • Select “Link” next to your name and school.
      • If it says there are no students with your name, ask your tournament director how your name is displayed on the roster so you can type it in exactly. 
      • Your coach will receive an email notification to log in to Tabroom.com, select the Competitors tab to access your school’s roster, and approve your request to be linked!
      • Once you’re linked, you will see Current, Future, Results, and NSDA tabs on your Tabroom.com account when you log in. 
      • Note: Do NOT link to other students on your team! There are other ways to receive updates about your teammates that are covered below.
    • To double check you are all set up and ready to compete, select the Future tab and make sure “National Speech and Debate Tournament” is listed! 
      • If it’s not, ask your coach to double check that they linked the correct Tabroom.com account to your entry in  your school’s online registration.  
    • Once you have logged in, select “Profile” in the upper right. 
    • Make sure “Send No Emails or Texts” is NOT selected so you can receive updates throughout the tournament!
    • Enter your phone number and cell provider if you would like to receive text message reminders about tournament updates and your pairings. If you only want to receive email notifications, set your cell provider to “Landline/Do Not Text Me”. 
    • To receive text/email alerts about judges or other competitors’ pairings, go to nationals.tabroom.com, select the “Live Updates” tab, and use the filters on the right side to find who you’re looking for. Select names or codes to “follow” them.
    • If you’re receiving text or email alerts about pairings that are not yours at the tournament, check who you are following by selecting your email in the upper right corner and then selecting “Edit Live Updates/Parent Memos” on the right side of the screen. Select anyone you would like to stop receiving notifications about. 
    • At the National Tournament, pairings are posted digitally! Make sure you know how to log in to Tabroom.com before you arrive. 
    • Depending on how far you are into the tournament, pairings may not be available until up to 30 minutes before the round starts.
    • To find where you are supposed to compete and when, log in to Tabroom.com and you will see the pairings that have been released under the Current tab. This should automatically be your Tabroom.com homepage when you are logged in!
    • If you are logged in and don’t see your pairings, select your email in the upper right corner to be taken back to the Current tab.

Seniors, Stay Connected!

Seniors! Stay Connected With Speech & Debate After You Graduate!

We have big goals for #Nats22 and one of them is to grow our alumni community by 2,022 claims before the end of the National Tournament.

Claim your free alumni membership today and be entered to win a chance for coffee and conversation with our Executive Director!

Alumni membership is distinct from your student membership in that there are new, exclusive benefits specifically for alumni members. By signing up as alumni, you maintain your contact with the NSDA and opt-in to receive alumni-specific membership benefits and communications.

Self-Care Station

While Nationals is an amazing, whirlwind, non-stop fun fest, we also know this can be a time of big nerves and sometimes a little anxiety! Keep your mind and body calm and collected with our self care tips!

Be Sure To Pack:

    • Lot’s of snacks – a little extra energy for your rounds never hurt anybody!
    • A water bottle – keep those gorgeous vocal chords hydrated!
    • Chargers – make sure you and your devices have a lots of energy!
    • Battery cell – think of it as a little extra snack for your electronics!
    • An extra pair of comfy shoes – give your gams a break by switching your shoes during the day!
    • Pump Up Playlist & Headphones – bump your favorite hype song or calming tune to keep you focused and centered in between or before rounds!
    • Bookmark or Download Your Favorite Meditation – give your mind a rest by taking some time to yourself in your room, hallway or quiet space to practice a little meditation. Trust us, your speech or debate point won’t fall out of your head if you let it go for a little bit!
    • Lint roller – just in case your pet sent you to Nationals with a little something to remember them by!
    • Extra nylons – you never know when you’re gonna get a run!
    • Pen and paper – you simply can’t flow without them!

Take Time To:

    • Download our app! Or bookmark our website. Stay up to date with breaking news or room assignments which will put your mind at ease.
    • Enjoy this time with your team! Take moments when you can to enjoy the moment and make some memories outside of the competition.
    • Take a deep breath! If you’re feeling overwhelmed do a quick breathing exercise or take deep breaths in through the nose and let them out through the mouth.
    • Warm up! Get that nervous energy out with a quick vocal or physical warm up with your coach, teammate, parent or your BFF the wall!
    • Take a little break to unplug! Take a break from your phone, computer or practice to remind yourself of how cool it is that you’re here and to enjoy it regardless of how you place!
    • Be proud of yourself! Whether its your first or fourth time coming to Nationals take some time to pat yourself on the back you brilliant speaker! It’s easy to compare ourselves to others, especially in a competitive setting like Nationals, but take some time to appreciate how much work you put in this year and how proud you should be to compete with the best of the best. We’re so proud of you!