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2019 HS Final Rounds Digital Downloads


NOTE: This is not a physical product and is delivered as .MP4 file downloads. Make sure you have room on your computer or an external hard drive before purchasing. Depending on your internet connection, downloading the full set may take several hours, so be sure your computer does not fall asleep before the download has concluded!

Purchase entails agreement with the NSDA Video Terms & Conditions.

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Don’t have a DVD player? Wish you could view Nationals 2019 final rounds in glorious 1080p High Definition without the need for an internet connection?

The NSDA is excited to introduce for the first time downloadable .MP4 files of every high school final round from the National Speech & Debate Tournament! Featuring over twice the fidelity of standard DVDs, these video files are perfectly suited for large screens from the classroom to the living room.

You can purchase individual events or the entire set from the drop-down menu. The included events and their file sizes are:

Awards Assembly (5.3GB)
Diamond Ceremony (2.8GB)
Dramatic Interpretation (2.6GB)
Duo Interpretation (2.8GB)
Humorous Interpretation (2.6GB)
Informative Speaking (2GB)
International Extemporaneous Speaking (2.4GB)
United States Extemporaneous Speaking (2GB)
Original Oratory (2.5GB)
Program Oral Interpretation (2.5GB)
Commentary (1.2GB)
Expository (1.2GB)
Impromptu (1.4GB)
Prose (1.3GB)
Poetry (1.5GB)
Storytelling (1.1GB)
Lincoln-Douglas Debate (1.3GB)
Policy Debate (2.3GB)
Public Forum Debate (1.6GB)
Extemporaneous Debate (0.8GB)
World Schools Debate (1.9GB)
Big Questions Debate (1.5GB)
Congressional Debate – House: Two Files – Part 1 (7.6GB) Part 2 (4.4GB)
Congressional Debate – Senate: Two Files – Part 1 (4.7GB) Part 2 (4.9GB)

The full set is split into two .ZIP files for ease of download. Part 1 is 36GB and Part 2 is 30GB. ZIP files must be extracted before they can be viewed.

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Big Questions Debate, Commentary, Congressional Debate – House, Congressional Debate – Senate, Diamond Assembly, Expository, Extemp Debate, Full Final Round Set, Impromptu, Informative Speaking, Program Oral Interpretation, World Schools Debate, Awards Ceremony, Dramatic Interpretation, Duo Interpretation, Humorous Interpretation, International Extemp, Lincoln-Douglas, Original Oratory, Poetry, Policy Debate, Prose, Public Forum, Storytelling, United States Extemp