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Instructional DVD Series – Vol. 2


This National Forensic Library set includes 21 discs.

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The National Forensic Library. This volume includes the following DVDs
CX 107. “Unger and Company,” Chapter 2
Moderator: James J. Unger, The American University
The Unger-led panel of distinguished collegiate debate coaches clash over the following areas: inherency, structure, generics, counterplans, and real world arguments. (Length 59:00)
CX 108. “Unger and Company,” Chapter 3
Moderator: James J. Unger, The American University
This third chapter of “Unger and Company” contains several differing
opinions about presentation,instrinsicness, institutes, and direction.
(Length 58:00)
CX 109. Introduction to Debate Analysis: Affirmative
Instructor: James Copeland, Former Executive Secretary, NFL
A clear and precise introduction to affirmative case and plan writing
for novice debaters. (Length 72:00)
CX110.Paradigms Instructor: Dr.David Zarefsky, Northwestern University Renowned debate coach and theorist David Zaresfsky presents his ideas on paradigms in argumentation. This lecture is required viewing for all serious debaters. (Length 54:10)
CX 111. Demonstration in Debate and Analysis Instructor: Greg Varley, Lakeland High School, NY A detailed explanation of the steps in a Policy Debate, from opening to closing. Using the final round debate from the 1992 NFL Nationals in Fargo, Coach Varley has produced a “winning” tape for novices and experienced debaters. (Length 120:00)
CX 112. Flowing a Debate Instructor: Greg Varley, Lakeland High School, NY Students view strategies for proper flowing of a debate in this talk by prominent coach Greg Varley. (Length 35:25)
CX 113. Recruiting Roundtable Instructor: Greg Varley, Lakeland High School, NY Three outstanding coaches with different programs offer ideas for recruiting new members. Includes a great film that can be used as a recruiting tool. (Length 53:10)
LD 105. How to Prepare for Your LD Rounds Instructor: Dale McCall, Wellington High School, FL A comprehensive discussion of preparations students need to undertake to compete confidently in Lincoln-Douglas Debate. (Length 35:00)
LD 106. Value Analysis in LD Debate Instructor: Diana Prentice, University of Kansas An examination of the value analysis by an outstanding debate coach. (Length 35:00)
LD 107. LD Debate: The Moderate Style Instructor Pam Cady, Apple Valley High School, MN Provides invaluable advice on developling a moderate debate style. Two student debaters demonstrate. (Length 53:00)
LD 108. Rebuttal Preparations Instructor: Carol Biel, Chesterton High School, IN Coach Biel moderates a group discussion with outstanding young high school debaters.(Length 55:00)
INT 103. Interpretation of Poetry and Prose Instructor: Ruby Krider, Prof. Emeritus, Murray State, KY. Professor Krider offers a colorful and insightful exploration of the role of the interpreter of Prose and Poetry. Her lecture is divided into three parts: Catch that Image, Chat Chat Chat, and Make Us Believe You. (Length 85:00)
INT 104. Critique of Interpretation Moderator: Ron Krikac, Bradley University, IL Three esteemed coaches analyze and critique performances in humorous and dramatic using examples drawn from National final rounds. (Length 59:25)
INT 105. Introduction to Poetry Interpretation Instructor: Barbara Funke, Chesterton High School, IN Coach Funke shows how to choose a poem and how to establish commitments as a performer. (Length 56:20)
INT 106. Characterization in Interpretation Instructor: Pam Cady, Apple Valley High School, MN
Instructor: Joe Wycoff, Chesterton High School, IN Pam Cady teaches vocal characterization while Joe Wycoff engages in a discussion on physicalization. Students who competed at the 1993 Nationals are used throughout the presentation. (Length 54:00)
INT 107. Breaking the Ice Instructor: Rosella Blunk, Sioux Falls, IN How does one go about putting students at ease in a performance environment? Coach Blunk and her students offer fun and easy activities. (Length 34:25)
GEN 101. Ethics in Competition Instructor: Joe Wycoff, Chesterton High School, INHall of Fame Coach Joe Wycoff speaks about ethics in forensic competition and other related topics in this entertaining and candid presentation.
(Length 40:00)
EXT 105. First Experiences Moderator: L.D. Naegelin, San Antonio, TX Former high school Extemp speakers discuss how they got started and share advice they found invaluable. (Length 42:30)
EXT 106. Expert Extemp: Advanced Techniques Moderator: L.D. Naegelin, San Antonio, TX Panelists detail skills and techniques they’ve learned. (Length 44:30)
EXT 107. Expert Extemp: Speech and Critique Moderator: L.D. Naegelin, San Antonio, TX The panelists listen to an Extemp speech delivered by Jeremy Mallory of Swarthmore College and provide an in-depth critique of his presentation. (Length 42:30)
EXT 108. Advaned Extempore Speaking Instructor: James M. Copeland, Former Executive Secretary, NFL Covers the basics of research, file building, and outlining, as well as advanced concepts including the rule of the 4 sevens, topic selection, and attention factors. (Length 85:00)

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