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Star Lit: Bright Literature for Bright Performers – Volume Eight


Finding the perfect selection to perform is one of the most difficult tasks for any performer. The Interp Store is ready to make that daunting task easier for you!

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Edited by Gregory T. Burns

Finding the perfect selection to perform is one of the most difficult tasks for any performer. The Interp Store is ready to make that daunting task easier for you! Each Forensics Anthology includes at least one each of the following: Humorous Interpretation, Poetry Interpretation, Prose Interpretation, Dramatic Interpretation, and Duo Interpretation. These scripts are original, poignant, beautifully written, and most importantly, competitive! They are not only perfect for forensics competitions; they also make great classroom materials!

Star Lit: Bright Literature for Bright Performers (Volume Eight) includes:

Timeline’s Primetime Special: ‘The Amazing Adventures with Ann and Armando‘” (EXPOSED!) by Gregory T. Burns
In his explosive new comedy, playwright Gregory T. Burns takes a satiric look at an inappropriate children’s show through the eyes of a sensationalistic news organization, whose sole purpose is to boost ratings by capitalizing on the misfortunes of others. This is a high-energy, multiple character Humorous Interpretation perfect for the performer looking for that “outside the box” selection. Also makes a great Duo Interpretation!

Feeling Like Cinderella” by Kendra Sparks
Perhaps no fairy tale has touched more young hearts than Cinderella. Taking a modern spin on the classic tale of rags to riches, Kendra Sparks gives us a unique perspective for the contemporary performer. This is a fantastic poem for the female performer!

Missing Michael” by Leo Cannon
Few would argue that there is a unique bond shared between two siblings. In his heartfelt confessional, Leo Cannon introduces us to an older sibling whose love for the younger brother is only overshadowed by their joint admiration of an American, pop icon. This age-appropriate first-person confessional makes a great Dramatic Interpretation!

Another Teenage Cliché” by Gregory T. Burns
Teenagers, at times, are walking billboards for stereotypes. In his chilling short story, Gregory T. Burns introduces us to a high school senior, Joe, who tries to avoid the labels often associated with his peers. This is a strong selection dealing with the subject of teenage stalking and would be best performed by a mature performer.

It’s Not About the Hair” by Bridget Grace Sheaff
It has often been said, “A woman’s hair is her crowning glory.” In her latest, heartfelt one-act play, Bridget Grace Sheaff introduces us to Samantha and Emily, two sisters, who, together, prove that there is little that can stand between the bonds of sisterhood. This play deals with the very real and legitimate problem that plagues many women today—the loss of their hair. This is a wonderful Duo Interpretation for two female performers!

Dustin” by Leo Cannon
In his explosive new drama, playwright Leo Cannon introduces us to Dustin, a mentally-challenged 19-year-old young man, who, after the death of a fellow playmate, an 11 year-old boy named Tommy, finds himself being interrogated by the police. This is murder mystery is a tour de force for two talented performers. This play could be used in Duo Interpretation or Dramatic Interpretation and is one of the strongest acting scenes in the marketplace today!

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