Schools Supporting Schools


A core value of the National Speech & Debate Association is service.

As a community dedicated to empowering students through speech and debate, we want to connect supporters to programs impacted by natural disasters and other hardships. Our Schools Supporting Schools program is an opportunity for teams or individuals to identify ways they can provide material needs and resources.

Please note, in cases of direct support from other schools, the NSDA will help make initial connections to potential supporters, but does not serve as a pass through for funds or items. If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to reach out to Erik Dominguez, District Support Manager.

How to Apply/How to Help

For Teams in Need

If you are an NSDA member program in need, please fill out our Needs Request Form. If your team is interested in raising money, we also encourage you to start an Edco fundraising campaign.

For Supporters

If you would like to support a program in need, please fill out our Supporter Match Form, and the NSDA will work to connect you with the appropriate contact(s) for that school.


With Edco, our fundraising partner, you can easily set up an online fundraising page for your team and receive support in the fundraising process. Edco empowers students and teachers to raise money from family, friends, and other members of their community. NSDA members get a reduced rate when fundraising with Edco! Be sure to visit Edco’s website or email for more information.

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