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The National Speech & Debate Association’s Speakers Bureau is a group of highly acclaimed educators, coaches, alumni, and leaders in the field of speech and debate. Members of the Speakers Bureau are available for speaking engagements at conferences, keynote addresses, training sessions, and more. Additionally, we are a leading resource for schools that offer professional development for teachers!

We believe in giving youth a voice, and we’re excited to use our collective voices to assist schools, districts, state organizations, and others in raising awareness about the life-changing benefits of speech and debate.

Together, we can work to ensure that dynamic and engaging speakers send a clear and powerful message about speech and debate for any number of needs at the local or state level.

I would highly recommend the National Speech & Debate Association’s Speakers Bureau. I have attended workshops led by speakers from the Association, and they were insightful, engaging, and personalized to the needs of the conference.

Toni Heimes


Why Choose the Speakers Bureau?

Potential Topics

  • Benefits of Speech and Debate
  • Best Practices
  • Building a Community one Student At a Time
  • Evidence-Based Argumentation
  • How After-School Activities Can Produce Results in the Classroom
  • How to Become a Better Public Speaker
  • How to Engage the Disengaged Student
  • How to Sell Anything with a Little Research and a Lot of Practice
  • How to Work with School Districts
  • Integration of Public Speaking in Core Subject Areas
  • Maximizing Your Membership
  • Philosophy of Winning
  • Speech and Debate Across the Curriculum
  • Speech and Debate to Meet Common Core Standards
  • Speech and Debate to Meet District and State Standards
  • Team Management

Potential Speakers

  • Dr. Josh Anderson
  • Dr. J. Scott Baker
  • Jane Boyd
  • Don Crabtree
  • Dr. Darrell Harvey
  • David Huston
  • Adam J. Jacobi
  • Jennifer Jerome
  • Kandi King
  • Dr. Tommie Lindsey, Jr.
  • Colin Malinak
  • Greg Malis
  • Pam McComas
  • Randall McCutcheon
  • Steve Meadows
  • Karina Momary
  • Renee C. Motter
  • Gail Naylor
  • Gail Nicholas
  • Deano Pape
  • Dr. Polly Reikowski
  • Jay Rye
  • Amy Seidelman
  • Aaron Timmons
  • Cindi Timmons
  • Tony Ugalde
  • Nicole Wanzer-Serrano
  • Megan West
  • J. Scott Wunn
  • Pam Cady Wycoff

Past Speaking Engagements

  • Colorado High School Activities Association – Beginning a New Program
  • Colorado High School Activities Association – Program Oral Interpretation: Rules, Approaches, and Performance Objectives
  • Colorado High School Activities Association – Resources and Workshops for New Coaches
  • Iowa High School Speech Association State Debate Conference – Investing in Yourself Through Speech and Debate
  • Iowa High School Speech Association State Speech Conference – Social Media and New Technologies in Team Management, Promotion, and Coaching
  • Nebraska Speech Communication & Theatre Association – Introduction to World Schools Debate
  • Pennsylvania Speech & Debate Association – Program Oral Interpretation: Rules, Approaches, and Performance Objectives
  • Pennsylvania Speech & Debate Association – Introduction to World Schools Debate
  • South Dakota High School Activities Association – Strategies for Coaching Interpretation Events: Beginning and Advanced

Professional Development

The NSDA’s Speakers Bureau is the leading resource for schools in offering teachers professional development in various facets of speech and debate.

Critical skills that can be taught through practiced speaking, listening, and debating help educators maximize their effectiveness inside and outside of the classroom. For example, evidence-based argumentation is a central theme with the new SAT test, which will be implemented with the class of 2016. Common Core standards are also tied to analyzing evidence, speaking, and listening. These themes are prevalent in numerous state-based standards, as well.

Communication is cross-curricular, and our experts can help your staff identify ways to implement successful strategies in every classroom! We have been training youth in these areas since 1925, and we are excited to assist you with your professional development.

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