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Perform – Volume Two


Finding the perfect selection to perform is one of the most difficult tasks for any performer. The Interp Store is ready to make that daunting task easier for you!

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Finding the perfect selection to perform is one of the most difficult tasks. We can make that daunting task easier for you! Each Forensics Anthology includes at least one of the following: Humorous Interpretation, Poetry Interpretation, Prose Interpretation, Dramatic Interpretation, and Duo Interpretation.

Perform (Volume Two) includes:

“Three-Man Army” by William Barnes

Paying tribute to the thousands of action films that have graced the silver screen, playwright William Barnes gives us a satire of epic proportions! Three-Man Army features a specialized team of misfits, hilarious caricatures of military and government personnel, cheesy one-liners, and of course, plenty of imaginary gunfire and explosives! A great comedy for the male performer adept at crazy off-the-wall characters and lots of sound effects!

“Yes, I Know Her” by Sandy Maranto

Highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of females everywhere, Sandy Maranto has written an extraordinary collection of poems that is not necessarily inspired by the girls and women she currently knows or has known (one poem is about a dog); instead, she pays homage to the determined spirit and wisdom of the women that cross our paths each and every day. Beautiful, heartwarming poetry collection!

“Instant Ramen” by Kelly Tran

Alzheimer’s is a debilitating neurodegenerative disease that typically affects the elderly and worsens over time, often causing dementia and short-term memory loss. In her heartwarming short story, Kelly Tran pays tribute to the grandmother, whose life serves as a reminder of just how precious our time with loved ones truly is. Filled with humor and heart!

“A Stand-Up Guy” by Thomas Steele

Causing both progressive weakness and loss of muscle mass, Muscular Dystrophy is a group of diseases where abnormal genes, or mutations, interfere with the production of proteins needed to build and form healthy muscle. In his poignant monologue, playwright Thomas Steels introduces us to Jonah Dowd, a stand-up comedian with Muscular Dystrophy. A tour de force Dramatic Interpretation for the mature male performer who is adept at playing humor, as well as drama!

“The Difference Between Night and Day” by Nicki Stanton

90% of deaf babies are born to hearing parents, and these parents often have little or no contact with Deaf culture or Deaf people. This means that, for these parents, their main source of information comes from the medical field, where doctors view deafness as a deficiency, and therefore, in need of fixing. Doctors often believe that cutting and adding cochlear implants make a person born deaf whole again. In reality, however, this only places the person in limbo between the hearing world and the Deaf world. In her futuristic one-act play, Nicki Stanton uses the clever metaphor of the Deaf culture to take us inside the secret world of Vampires, where a decision must be made: Do a couple of vampires allow their young son, born human, to remain so, or do they allow doctors to perform a surgery, which would allow their son to become more like them? The perfect multiple character Duo Interpretation for two performers looking for something with a little “bite!”

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