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Still Image is a critical analysis of one or more key moments that can provide a visual insight to offer a deepened engagement or understanding of a part of the character’s whole journey.


    • The interper can choose a moment or memory (it doesn’t have to be critical) for the photo (a wedding, a birthday party, opening the mailbox to find a letter) from the character’s journey that will provide this a visual image to use in their character’s development.
    • You will determine the number of additional participants you need to play the moment or memory. The interper will explain the role and the moment or memory. Then they will improvise the moment. As it progresses, you can say freeze, take a picture. The interper can then utilize this improvisation to help them develop their character and use photos to recall the emotions and feelings even months later.
    • INTERNAL: A self-reflection; a judgment of yourself as the character.
    • EXTERNAL: A shared critical analysis by someone in the circle (another character) or an observer.
    • Example: The Glass Menagerie: Laura bumps into a boy. He picks up her books.