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The Big Cut

After finding a piece that fits you, the next step is to read through the script critically at least twice. At that point you will have a better understanding of what every scene actually contributes to your script, what is necessary for the storyline to be understood, and thus what scenes are going to be in your final selection. Once you have this understanding, ask yourself what the heart of the piece is and try to build your cutting with that idea in mind. Some scripts could have multiple storylines to follow, so make sure you choose the one that speaks to you! 

When you begin to actually start cutting, start big and go smaller. Start off by cutting big portions of the script. In our first cutting, you’ll find we just slashed through large portions of the script we didn’t plan to use with a pen. 

Narrowing In

After you have cut major scenes that are not needed, narrow your focus and take another read to evaluate smaller portions of scenes, then specific lines, words, etc. You’ll notice in our second cut, we also took notes on blocking or any other ideas that came to mind.