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Woman sitting at a desk with thought bubbles


Female student working on a project


Verbal Delivery Elements



    • Vary depending on the purpose of the moment
      • Fun story/joke
      • Transition
      • Citations
      • Explanation of complex info
      • Heart story
      • Bottom-line summary
    • Incorporate purposeful pauses for emphasis or emotional impact

Vocal Variety

    • Coloring of words
    • Varying pitch, depending on the mood of each moment
      • Humor vs. Emotion vs. Facts
    • Purposeful pauses


    • Pronunciation: words are correctly pronounced
    • Enunciation: words (syllables, consonants) are clearly understood

Nonverbal Communication

Facial Expressions

    • Emote with the face
    • Appropriate based on mood

Eye Contact

  • Connecting glances
  • Talk to the audience, not at them


    • Should match the moment
    • Less is more
    • None during dramatic momentsĀ 
    • Keep close to body
    • Natural and purposeful
    • Emphasize and accentuate specific ideas

Transition Walks

  • Should match the mood of previous statement
  • Take a beat beforehand
  • Find a comfortable angle


    • Watch final rounds and take notes
    • Perform self recordings and self evaluations
    • Identify delivery quirks to make intentional improvements
    • Be purposeful