Approved Websites List for Interpretation Events

The following websites are approved for use in Interp by the National Speech & Debate Association. Listing of these online publishing sources does not constitute an endorsement of the content of these sites. Stories, poems, news articles, and images may not be appropriate for all ages.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The links listed here are HTML-based sites only. Please consult the Unified Manual for information regarding print publications, downloadable PDFs, and e-books.

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Fill out our form below! Literature source submissions for the approved websites list will be accepted year-round for review. If the source meets the stated criteria, it will be posted on the approved websites list four times a year. Submissions received by the 15th of each designated month will be reviewed and posted by the 1st of the next month. The months for submissions are August, November, February, and April. Once a site is approved (e.g., The New York Times), all articles posted by that source would be approved for use.

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