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Mission & Vision



The National Speech & Debate Association connects, supports, and inspires a diverse community committed to empowering students through speech and debate.


We envision a world in which every school provides speech and debate programs to foster each student’s communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creative skills.

Equity Statement

The National Speech & Debate Association is committed to modeling and fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion for all speech and debate communities.

We are continuously transforming our organization to reflect and operationalize the values of equity, integrity, respect, leadership, and service.

We will take responsibility.
We will heed, learn, and evolve.
We will work conscientiously to model and foster an inclusive and equitable speech and debate experience for all.

Core Values






Mission & Vision Collage


“Discussion dilutes division. If we just stick to our very own opinions, then we’re not being exposed to other people’s ideas.”

Katherine Hu, Class of 2017


Hear more about the importance of speech and debate, and see how our students prepare for intense competition, in the video below!