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Speech and debate helps students discover their superpowers and uncover their confidence, and it all begins with a coach who believes in them. With the tools we provide, you’ll be ready to support your team and help your students harness the power of words.

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NSDA membership is school based and renewed annually. When you take on a team or help start one at your school, you’ll build a space where student voices are heard and celebrated.

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With memberships for you, your school, and your students, you can: 

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+ Expand your skills and explore new events with free on-demand courses

+ Learn to run your team roster, enter points, and shape your team culture 

+ Recruit and engage new members

Plan Your Practices or Classes

+ Introduce new students to speech and debate with our grab-and-go lesson plans

+ Unlock practice drills, judging guides, event overviews, and fresh resources every month

Motivate Your Students

When your students also become NSDA members, they unlock access to self-guided resources and membership in our Honor Society

+ Enter Honor Society points for member students to track their progress and celebrate achievement

+ Work toward student, school, and coach awards for competitive success, service, and longevity

+ Compete to qualify to the National Tournament, the pinnacle of public speaking for high school and middle school where student voices are heard and celebrated

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