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Making the Case

From improving student engagement to boosting their confidence, investing in a speech and debate program puts participants on an entirely new path—an investment that will make a lifelong difference. Use the resources on this page to help advocate for your team or start a new program!

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School Recruitment Toolkit

Guides and Trainings

Advocacy Webinar

Learn how to identify potential member programs and pitch to administrators in under 30 minutes.

Making the Case for Speech and Debate

Follow these steps to convince an administrator to offer a speech and debate program.

Team Recruitment Guide

Make a plan to recruit new students to the team using our step-by-step system.

Finding the Right Speech and Debate Coach

Explore the qualities you should look for in a coach and ways to secure their commitment.


Honor Society Packet
Member Benefits Flyer
Compete, Serve, Earn Points
Administrator flyer
Student Impact Data


Prospect Letter
Tournament Invite Template
Powerpoint Template
Press Release Template
Team Sponsorship Template

Expert Support

Advocacy Articles

Access the collection of articles from journalists, columnists, educators, and others that explain the benefits of speech and debate. 

Community Support Letters

Speak to a decision-maker peer to peer using perspectives from prominent educators, coaches, and advocates of the activity.

Notable Alumni

Explore all the places speech and debate can take students. From the Supreme Court and Academy Awards to the board room and laboratory, the possibilities are endless. 

"Speech and Debate saved my life. I used to be a shy kid and now I will talk to anyone. It made me a completely new person." - Taylor Williams, Blue Springs High School, MO
"I was afraid to even raise my hand in class if I news the answer. Debate has given me the experience and opportunity to voice my opinions and share my thoughts." - Chloe Dennison, Ashville High School, NC
"Five years ago when I started this activity I was nervous to even perform in front of my coach. This activity has given me the confidence that I never knew I had." - Maddie Guy, Saint Mary's Hall, TX
"I didn't like to speak out in public, I was a little shy. But after my first Speech and Debate tournament, I realized it was kinda fun!" - Derek Collins, Hattiesburg High School, MS
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