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Group of students sitting in a classroom

Offering a speech and debate class during the day allows you dedicated time to work with students in a structure that guarantees you see the same students every time. It can also expose more students to the benefits of the activity and improve your work-life balance by reducing the frequency or intensity of after-school practices. 

Building speech and debate into your school’s curriculum also offers program and job security: teams with classes are significantly more stable than teams without. Stable programs are likely to endure even in the event of a coach’s departure. 66% of stable programs have at least one class as opposed to only 47% of unstable programs and 59% of somewhat stable programs. Classes provide stability and stable programs endure—it is far more difficult to cut a class built into the curriculum with funding than an extracurricular activity. 

This guide is designed to help you request a class from your administration. Upon completion, you will be able to:

  • Showcase student and parent interest. 
  • Demonstrate how a class helps your school achieve its goals. 
  • Determine the positioning and structure of your course. 
  • Make a pitch incorporating data and student voices. 
  • Plan for the year ahead if your request is granted or prepare to adjust your pitch if your request is tabled. 

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Course Time: 1 hour