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The best way to advocate for more support for your speech and debate program is by being a member of the National Speech & Debate Association and leveraging your membership in the National Forensic League Honor Society. Learn more about our partnership with Edco and our Schools Supporting Schools program exclusive to members below!

Introducing You to Edco

If your speech and debate program is in need of funds, let us introduce you to Edco—the fundraising platform specifically designed for the K-12 community. Since 2014, our goal has been to make fundraising less of a hassle for you by decreasing the time you invest organizing a fundraiser and increasing the money you raise.

Your team will keep more of the funds raised, reach more donors, and avoid unnecessary administrative work including, scheduling, paperwork, handling of money and distribution of goods.


  • Speech and debate teams raised $260,000.
  • Overall, teams raise three times more with Edco than with traditional fundraisers.
  • Teams have raised tens of thousands of dollars in as little as two weeks!
  • Teams with 10+ team members are the most successful.
  • Teams that set goals are 120% more likely to raise at least $1,000 than teams that don’t.
  • Teams that don’t try Edco leave money on the table!


  • Easily share your fundraiser with everyone—no matter where they are!
  • Our concierge service helps you get started faster.
  • Edco stores donor info so your next fundraiser is even easier to launch.
  • All donations are tax-deductible.
  • Automatic thank you notes are sent to all donors.
With busy students engaged in all sorts of activities, carving out time to fundraise can be a challenge. Edco provided a forum via which students could reach out to prospective donors even given a few minutes a day sandwiched around other activities.
Paul Wexler

Coach (MA)

Fundraising Guide

Download our guide for more helpful tips!

Schools Supporting Schools

As a community dedicated to empowering students through speech and debate, we want to connect supporters to programs impacted by natural disasters and other hardships. Our Schools Supporting Schools program is an opportunity for teams or individuals to identify ways they can provide material needs and resources. Click here to list your needs or to help another school.