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About the Resource Package

The NSDA Team Resource Package offers the best resources around for coaches and competitors all for one low price. Explore the list of amazing videos, textbooks, and other items available to you and your team!

  • Resources curated by experts at the NSDA and successful educators across the country. 
  • The only way to watch videos of the most recent National Tournament final round performances. 
  • Teachers and coaches can be efficient and not waste time seeking out material from multiple sources for materials. 
  • Rather than paying hundreds of dollars per textbook for their classroom, teachers can access digital textbooks through the Resource Package to share with their students.
Group of students at the National Tournament

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The Resource Package Includes Access To:

Lincoln-Douglas, Public Forum, and Policy Debate

Lincoln-Douglas, Public Forum, and Policy Debate

  • 2023 Public Forum, Lincoln-Douglas, and Policy final rounds
  • Advanced Evidence and Research Guides
  • Demo rounds
  • Webinars on casing, countering spreads, and judge adaptation
Dramatic, Humorous, Duo, and Program Oral Interp


  • 2023 Dramatic, Humorous, Duo, and Program Oral Interp final rounds
  • 2023 Poetry, Prose, and Storytelling final rounds
  • Script Database
  • Webinars on believability, characterization, physicality, and script analysis
  • Showcase videos
World Schools Debate

World Schools Debate

  • 2023 World Schools final round
  • Webinars for how to use points of order, how to prep for impromptu and prepared motions, and case construction.
  • Demo rounds
Original Oratory, Informative Speaking, and Expository

Public Speaking

  • 2023 Original Oratory, Informative Speaking, and Expository final rounds
  • The Art and Science of Original Oratory online textbook
  • Webinars on building a message to expire change, conducting research, and finding your comedic voice
Congressional Debate

Congress Debate

  • 2023 House and Senate final rounds
  • Lesson plans
  • Webinars on writing effective legislation, argumentation, and ethics
United States Extemp, International Extemp, and Extemp Debate

Limited Prep Events

  • 2023 United States Extemp, International Extemp, Impromptu, and Extemp Debate final round
  • A guide to creating an example database
  • Webinars on skills and drills, intros, filing, and organizing a speech
  • Sample rounds with ballots

What Members Say

Allows students to navigate it well – much of the initial learning can be done by them on their own, which leaves coaches free to focus attention on higher level teaching and coaching.


Katie Kantrowitz

Silverton HS North Oregon

The textbooks and access to Nationals videos are especially useful for my team!


Melissa Garlock

Palmer HS, Colorado Grande

The Resource Package is excellent for helping new coaches teach a Speech & Debate class.


Jonathan Seyfried

Sandia HS, New Mexico

Video archive of final rounds and excellent models of each event. I start every unit I teach with my beginners with examples from NSDA finals. I also LOVE that there is representation for women, people of color, wonderful diversity so that over the course of my semester of examples my kids see high school kids who look like them doing speech or debate at a high level of excellence.


Leeann Solice

Hebron HS HS North Texas Longhorns

The Road to Premier Distinction

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