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Find tools to build your skills and expand your understanding of different competitive speech and debate events. For more resources, visit our resource table.

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Latest Releases

PF Topic Resources

Download a topic breakdown and advanced evidence on the September/October Public Forum Topic, Resolved: The North Atlantic Treaty Organization should substantially increase its defense commitments to the Baltic states.

LD Topic Resources

Download a topic breakdown and advanced evidence on the September/October Lincoln-Douglas Topic Analysis, Resolved: The member nations of the World Trade Organization ought to reduce intellectual property protections for medicines.

World Schools Motions

Download the September and October 2021 World Schools Debate Motions.

Congress Legislation

Download the October 2021 Legislation Docket.

Extemp Questions

Download the October 2021 Extemp Practice Questions

Policy Files

Download the 2021 Policy Starter Files.

Big Questions Topic Resources

Download resources on the Big Questions topic, Resolved: On balance, societies benefit from religious belief and practice.

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Expository Speaking Final Round


Final Round Videos

Learn from the best of the best in final round performances from the high school and middle school National Tournaments.

Follow a Script Through the Cutting Process


Duo Breakdown

Dive into the process of putting together a Duo performance from start to finish. This course offers a look behind the scenes at the cutting, blocking, practicing, and performing of a final round Duo.

Extemp Speech Breakdown Beginner


Extemp Speech Breakdown (Beginner)

Follow the breakdown of a champion Extemp speech to learn more about the components of a speech and decision making.

Extemp Prep and Speech Breakdown: Featuring Jacqueline Wei


Extemp Speech Breakdown (Advanced)

Join an expert extemper as they narrate their live prep and deliver their speech. Learn how they balance their time, search for evidence, and more.

How to Pick a Piece


How to Pick a Piece or Topic

Join expert coaches, Interpers, and Orators for an in-depth conversation about searching for a piece or choosing a topic, identifying your strengths, and finding the right fit.

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Skill Building

Running Practices


Running Practices

Access more than 50 individual drills and practice activities for delivery, prep, strategy, memorization, characterization, movement, and more.

Character Checklist


Interp Character Checklist

Use this checklist to experiment and track progress in bringing a character to life through their movement, voice, motivations, environment, and more.

How to Create a Character


How to Create a Character

Explore ways to bring complexity and purpose to each character with tips from Samuel L. Jackson.

Intro to Flowing PF and LD


Intro to Flowing PF and LD

Conquer note taking in PF and LD in this series of flowing videos with example speeches.

Intro to Flowing Policy


Intro to Flowing Policy

Learn why, how, and what to take note of in a Policy Debate round in this series of flowing videos.

How to Cut a Card


How to Cut a Card

Practice identifying and organizing evidence for a debate round with this short video.

Six Tips for Effective Crossfire


Crossfire Tips

Pick up six tips for effective Public Forum crossfire from a PF national champion.

Heinonline - Research topics with the HeinOnline Database.



Research topics with the HeinOnline Database.

Improptu Starter Kit


Impromptu Starter Kit

Use these notes on event structure, balancing time, and delivery, as well as practice activities and advice from National Tournament finalists to get started with Impromptu.

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