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Jacqueline Wei -  Thank you on behalf of the thousands of students that are in this association...your dedication has made a small, nervous, frightened little girl into who I am today. It will also make thousands of other children into a generation of global leaders.

Join the Bruno E. Jacob Society for Donors

Bruno E. Jacob Society members are part of a legacy of speech and debate dating back to our founding at Ripon College in 1925. In the many decades since, the National Speech & Debate Association has provided recognition and support for high school and middle school students participating in speech and debate activities. While our organization has evolved over the years, our mission is more relevant today than ever before.

As a Bruno E. Jacob Society member, you’ll receive special benefits like monthly newsletters, listing in the annual report, VIP seating, and exclusive invitations to events. These benefits are just a small token of our appreciation for your support. Of course, the real benefits come in knowing that you are helping young people across the country gain the essential life skills of critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity.

Adam Johnson - Every year we think about the contributions we want to make to organizations. This is quite simply the easiest check that I write every single year.
The National Speech & Debate Association (National Forensic League) is a GuideStar Gold Participant.
Debate is one of the most transformative activities I've been involved in. Debate allowed me to not only gain critical skills, such as research, analytical, and speaking - It allowed me to gain lifelong friends. - Kofi Sam

Specific Memorial Funds

  • Any donation can be given in memorial or in honor of an individual. The NSDA sends follow up cards.
  • In specific philanthropic instances, the NSDA is able to set up memorial funds that restrict the funding to mutually agreed upon areas.
  • One of our most known memorial funds is the William Woods Tate, Jr., Fund, often called the Tate Fund. Former President of the NSDA, Billy Tate believed that students who qualified for the National Speech & Debate Tournament should not be denied the experience because of a lack of funds. The Tate Fund is designed to help schools attending the National Speech & Debate Tournament for the first time, as well as schools with demonstrated financial need.
  • If you would like to learn more about the Carmendale Fernandes Fund for United States Extemporaneous speaking, the Harold Keller Fund for Congressional Debate, the Lanny & B. J. Naegelin Fund for Dramatic Interpretation, or any of our other funds, contact
  • Please note in the comment box of your donation the specific fund you would like to support or if you would like more information about setting up a memorial fund. Please consider choosing “greatest need” to provide speech and debate to as many students as possible. For any questions, please email

Make a commitment for generations to come

The 1925 Society recognizes the extraordinary commitment of speech and debate coaches, alumni, and supporters who have chosen to remember the National Speech & Debate Association in their will or estate plans. Members of the 1925 Society play an important role in accomplishing the NSDA’s mission of providing speech and debate opportunities to students throughout the country.

Your early support for the 1925 Society will show new coaches, recent alumni, and our other supporters that those who have been most committed to speech and debate in the past are the strongest champions for ensuring its future. 

2019-2020 School Year Individual Donors


($5,000 and Up)

Adam and Ashley Johnson

Dale DeLetis
In Honor of Debbie Simon.

The Lanier Law Firm, P.C.

Faisal and Hina Habib

Tom and Vicki Rollins

Joe and Pam Wycoff


($2,500 – $4,999)

Michael and Linda Langford
In Memory of Joy Robbins and In Honor of Jim Robbins

Jill Sitnick
In Memory of Carl Grecco

Bob and Salli Stockton


($1,000 – $2,499)

Kristen Soltis Anderson

Susan Anderson

Hunter and Michael Arton

Mark Ferguson

Jill Irvine and Ron Halterman
In Memory of Dr. Alfred “Tuna” Snider

JEPS Foundation

The Kettles Law Firm

David Lopez

Mark Michaels

Alexandra and Matthew Murray

Quynh Nguyen

Donus and Lovila Roberts

Michael J. Shapiro

Deborah Simon
In honor of Dale DeLetis and In memory of Carmendale Fernandes

J. Scott and Megan Wunn


($500 – $999)

Ted W. Belch

Peter L. Coffey and Kristine H. Cleary

Yvonne and Kirby Chin
In Memory of Richard B. Sodikow

James Cox

Robert Ickes
In Honor of Joni Anker

Shelly and Greg Lanier

Dr. Robert S. Littlefield
In Honor of Lindsay and Brady Littlefield

J. E. Masters
In Memory of Carmendale Fernandes

Vicki Pape

Dr. Randy Patterson
In Memory of Reba Brown Miller

Joshua Swartsel
In Memory of Harold Keller

Cindi and Aaron Timmons

Anne White

Melisa L. Wilson

Double Octafinalist

($250 – $499)

David and Katherine Abel

Bob Bilyeu

Jennifer Burton

Bret Culpepper

Barbara and David Dansky

Mary Gormley

F. Patrick Hughes

David and Judy Huston

Beth and Pat Ingram

Adam J. Jacobi and J. Scott Baker, Ph.D.

Mark Zhou and Hong Jiang

Susan Sprung and Christopher Keyser

Raymond and Pam McComas
In Honor of Natalie McComas Gallecier

Mike and Jackie Oakes

Mel Olson

Poetic License, Inc.

Susan and Eric Sutherland

David Wendt


($100 – $249)

Jarrius Adams

In Honor of James M. Copeland

David Baker
In Memory of Ken Strange

Dr. Kenny and Nancy Barfield

Stefan Bauschard

Gay Brasher

Judith Brisman

Gregg T. Campbell

Virginia Tyler Campbell

Glenn R. Cavanaugh

Alden B. Chace
In Memory of Carmendale Fernandes

Charlton G. C. Friedberg Trust

Don and Ann Crabtree

Celeste and Jim Egger

Toni Espey

Jacqueline Evrard-Vescio

Betsy Hanmer

Steve and Lynn Hanon

Aaron Hardy

Jan Heiteen

Bill and Charlotte Hicks

Marie Yang and Oliver Huang

Jennifer Jerome

Sarah Knobloch

Jennifer and Lee Konfrst
In honor of Ellie Konfrst

Robert and Sandra Krueger

David Lillehaug

Rev. and Mrs. David C. Marx

Steve Meadows
In Honor of Dr. Randy Patterson

Timothy McAuliffe

Chase and Lauren McCool

Art McMillion

Susan Napier and Alex Berger

Betty Whitlock and Kathy Owens
In Memory of Doris Compere

Chris Palmer

Cpt. Joseph L. and Jan Pizzo

Warren Poschman

James Poterba
In Memory of Edwin Kelly

Zachary Prax

Yvonne Schaeffer

Steven and Anna Schappaugh

Amy and Ray Seidelman

Jamey Siefert
In Memory of B. J. and Lanny Naegelin

Michael E. Starks

Ron Steinhorst

Daniel and Charlotte Tyree

Lisa Weber

Natalie Weber

Gregory F. Wells

Jonathan Wolshuck


($0 – $99)

Michael Amadeo

Joni Anker
In Honor of Robert Ickes

Bonnie Bonnette

Georgia Brady

Doris and Roger Brannan

Andrea Garcia

James Gentile

Jessica Hughes

Robert Ihrig

Robert J. Kelly

William and Valerie Koeber

Emily Kriegel

Susan Kriegel

Ronald Krikac

Clare Lascelles

Ken and Michelle Law
In Memory of Carmendale Fernandes

Walter Lemanski

Derek Liles

Greg and Alma Malis

Scott and Beth Maltzie

Randall McCutcheon

James E. Menchinger
In Memory of Margaret Miller

Grant Nelson

Ryan L. Nelson

William Ponder

Annie Reisener

Jay Rye

Liora and Ehud Schmidt

Maria Nubia Serrano

Paul Sevigny

Caroline and Jon Skidmore

Ashley Sovereign

Laura Stein

Ashley Strasser

Michael Stroud

Micki W. Smith

Michael and Lynn Sullivan

Margaret Owen Thorpe

Scott and Stephanie VanderBruggen

Nicole and Darrel Wanzer-Serrano

Ronald and Brett Welch

Rachel Wimpee

Carol and Dave Zanto

Annual Report

The National Speech & Debate Association’s Annual Report reviews changes in the Association over the past year and provides information about its fiscal health.

Annual Report - 2019
Annual Report - 2018
Annual Report - 2017
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The National Forensic League’s Federal Tax ID# is 39-0840589.

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