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Welcome to the Speech and Debate Alumni Community

Your speech and debate journey didn’t end with your last tournament. Join our thriving network of alumni who are passionate about inspiring the next generation of public speakers!


Find and reminisce with fellow alumni, find out what they have been up to, and stay in touch.

Pay it Forward

Help make speech and debate more equitable, giving more opportunities to more students and schools.

Grow Professionally

Increase the reach of your professional network and gain knowledge and resources that build on your speech and debate skills.

NSDA Alumni

Jon Turner

Class of 1984 | Webb City High School, MO

No high school experience has had a more powerful impact on making me-me, than speech and debate. Not only did I make life-long friends, my experience got me a full ride scholarship and I went on to teach high school speech for 9 years. Every time I’m asked to speak, I flash back to high school, in a good way!

Lindsey Shrodek

Class of 2000 | Howland High School, OH

While originally my dream was to make it to the final stage at Nationals, the final stage evolved into something even bigger. My ‘final stage’ became goals such as working to increase access to underserved communities in debate, getting active in politics, publishing my academic research, and getting into law to become an advocate for the public benefit.

Ryan Selander

Class of 2023 | Timber Creek High School, TX

By joining speech and debate, I discovered a powerful voice to amplify my beliefs and champion the causes of others. I attribute a great deal of my success to my dedicated coach and the organization that fostered an environment where I could share my story, perform, and inform others.

Alumni Membership FAQ’s

Who can join the Speech & Debate Alumni Community?

Anyone who participated in speech and/or debate in middle school, high school, or college and has either graduated high school or is a current high school senior can join the alumni community! 

Membership in the alumni community is open to all, regardless of prior NSDA affiliation.

How much does it cost to become an alumni member?

Alumni membership is FREE!

How can I get involved?

Once you join the Speech & Debate Alumni Community, you will have ample opportunity to get involved. Some examples are:

  • Volunteering as a judge
  • Advocating for speech and debate to be in every school
  • Joining the conversation in the Alumni Community LinkedIn Group
  • Become an Alumni Ambassador
  • Volunteering with a local team
  • And more!