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Alumni Ambassadors

Become an Alumni Ambassador

Our Alumni Ambassadors serve many roles in their communities and have various titles that include college student, teacher, lawyer, founder, investor, developer, policy analyst, accountant, doctor, innovator, consultant, philanthropist, and nonprofit leader—to name just a few!

Alumni Ambassador
  • Advocate and spread awareness about the transformative power of speech and debate.
  • Share information with your networks and communities to help ensure this activity finds a place in every school—creating opportunity and access for more students.
Alumni Ambassador
  • Engage with other speech and debate alumni and invite them to claim their free alumni membership.
  • Contribute your unique skills and expertise to collaborate on special projects and events with the NSDA.
Content creator, Dellara, posing for a picture as a judge at the National Tournament.
Four people standing in a group smiling for the camera.
Two students with a cactus plushie and a speech and debate alumni t-shirt.

Ambassador Resources

Ways to Get Involved

"The skills I learned - Critical thinking, problem solving, writing a cogent argument, communicating clearly - are the only things I learned in high school that I use every day. In every way, speech and debate was the foundation for my future life." - Abra Belke, Butte High School, MN - Class of 2000

Share Your Speech and Debate Story

Share your story of how speech and debate impacted your life, career, friendships, and opportunities.

Two students getting interviewed in front of an NSDA backdrop


We offer free online scrimmages and are always in need of judges to provide constructive and knowledgeable feedback to students that are eager to learn and grow. 

Group of people sitting together looking at the camera


Help us increase access to speech and debate education in your community. Use our advocacy tools to promote speech and debate programs.

Students and their coach in a silly pose dressed in competition attire.


Each donation to the Pay It Forward Fund makes speech and debate more equitable and provides opportunities to more students and schools.