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Professional Development

Free On-Demand Courses

Visit NSDA Learn to enroll in free, on-demand professional development courses. Courses are open to all member coaches, regardless of whether the school is a member.

Nearly all coaches with speech and debate professional development requirements reported that our courses and certificates meet their needs. Check if you’re among them, and use these courses to satisfy your requirements!

Course content includes:

    • Introductions to coaching new events
    • Engaging and mentoring diverse groups of students
    • Team management and culture building
    • And more

Professional Accreditation

Professional accreditation demonstrates expertise to administrators and is a mark of your commitment to speech and debate.

Our first level, Speech and Debate Coaching Endorsement, is the perfect stepping stone to expand and illustrate your skills. The accreditation requires the completion of several NSDA Learn and NFHS Learn courses on coaching, protecting students, and team management.

The requirements for this foundational endorsement are:

Complete each course and apply for the endorsement. As part of the application process, you will be asked to upload the completion certificates you’ll receive for each course and pay a $25 fee. Processing takes approximately two weeks and applicants will be notified of their approval status via email.

Active coach members who have previously earned an NSDA accreditation may, upon completing the required courses, apply for this endorsement for free. Anyone interested in doing so should contact Lauren McCool at before applying.

Conference Video Archive

Explore videos from our past National Conferences to learn from experts in coaching, management, and equity.