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Track down a favorite session or discover a new resource from this video archive of the NSDA’s National Conference!

National Conference 2021

Keynote: Considering All Options—Rethinking Failure in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion presented by Elijah Smith

Hosting Equitable Tournaments and Implementing Equity Panels panel moderated by Dr. J. Scott Baker

Springboard for Opportunities: Using the NSDA’s Expanded Springboard Free-Tournament Series session led by Lauren Burdt

Transforming Our Teams with Trauma-Informed Education Keynote and demonstration session presented by Alex Shevrin Venet

Topic Writing and Decision Making through an Equity Lens session led by Nicole Wanzer-Serrano

Reunited & It Feels So Good: Navigating Students with Anxiety in the Classroom and Competitive Space session led by Lillian Adeyemi

National Conference 2019

Impromptu Speaking Master Class presented by Iain Lampert

Districts and Nationals: Looking to the Future presented by the NSDA Staff

Hot Topics Q&A presented by the NSDA Staff

Stand and Deliver presented by Joe Wycoff and Pam Cady Wycoff

Gender Inequity in Speech and Debate: A Solutions-Focused Discussion presented by Rich Kawolics and Angelique Ronald

Diving Further into Middle School Speech and Debate: Tools and Techniques for Coaching Younger Voices presented by Elisabeth F. Venetiou and Debbie Simon

Developing World Schools Debate In Your District presented by Jeremy Beckman and Bill Brown

Developing Voices and Leaders: Hints for Teaching, Coaching, Surviving, and Thriving presented by Marti Benham

MacGyvering Debate to Prepare Students to Be More Effective Public Advocates presented by Ed Lee III and James Roland

Conference Opening Keynote presented by Ryan Haygood, CEO of the New Jersey Institute for Social Justice

Conference Keynote presented by Margo Batha, 2019 NSDA National Educator of the Year

Conference Keynote presented by April Holmes, U.S. Paralympic Track and Field Champion

National Conference 2018

Empowering Student Voices and Leadership in a Competitive Setting presented by Victor Silva

Making Policy Personal: Narrative Performance in the St. Louis Urban Debate League presented by Kelli Rao

Testing the Limits of Empowerment: Tournament Directors’ Dilemmas in an Era of Protest presented by Kevin Minch

Keynote: The Portal of Empowerment presented by Mary Gormley

How to Listen; How to Speak; How to Debate presented by Pam McComas and Renee Motter

Demonstration, Recommendation, and You in a Box Speeches: Three Units for Any Speech Class presented by Steve Meadows

Keynote: Facing the Challenges of Our Growing Mission presented by James Copeland and J. Scott Wunn

Original Oratory: From One Teacher to Another presented by Joe Wycoff and Pam Cady Wycoff

Town Hall: The Future of Public Forum Debate presented by Dave Huston and Chris McDonald

Congressional Debate as an Avenue for Personal Empowerment presented by Kevin Berlat and Brittany Stanchik

Finding the Honest Voice of the Character presented by Timothy Cornwell, Meg Howell-Haymaker, and Debbie Simon

Big Fish, No Pond: Teaching Debate in Isolated Regions presented by Chris Flowers and Rosie Valdez

Keynote: Higher Definition Leadership and Empowerment Coaching presented by LaToya Green

National Conference 2017

From Aristotle to 21st Century Skills: Redefining the Public Speaking Process presented by Harry Strong and David Yastremski

Envisioning a New Standard for Speech, Debate, and Communication Education presented by James Weaver and David Yastremski

Welcome to My World: Developing a Partnership with Your Principal presented by Byron Arthur and Dr. Joseph Murray, Jr.

Riding the Zombie Wave: Apocalyptic Strategies for Advancing Argumentation Skills presented by Kevin Minch, Tyler Unsell, and Jared Young

Discovering Your Voice: A Perspective on Helping Students of Color Excel in Forensics presented by Dr. Tommie Lindsey, Jr.

Bridging the Gap: Establishing Successful Curricular and Co-Curricular Opportunities in an Urban District presented by Manuel Halkias

Ensuring Access to Speech and Debate for Students with Disabilities presented by Thomas Mayes

Speech and Debate Town Hall featuring the NSDA Board of Directors

Interp: Bringing Characters to Life presented by Joe Wycoff and Pam Cady Wycoff

Keynote – Elevating Voices: The Power of Speech and Debate presented by Renee Motter

Keynote: Communication, the Currency of the 21st Century presented by Stephan Turnipseed

Using Extemporaneous Speaking Strategies to Elevate AP Scores presented by Dario Camara and Jenny Cook

Investigating and Addressing Gender Differences in Debate presented by Shunta Jordan