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Student Experts

In this new series, our student experts share their practice tips, in-round strategies, and more. Learn from the best to become your best!


Six Tips for Effective Crossfire
Intro to Flowing PF and LD

Public Address

Advanced Extemp Breakdown
Beginner Analysis - US Extemp Performance
Beginner Analysis - US Extemp Performance
Extemp Prep and Speech Breakdown: Featuring Jacqueline Wei
Extemp Practice Questions 2022 February
Extemp Practice Questions 2022 March
Extemp Practice Questions 2022
Original Oratory Practice Tips
Working With Personal Stories in Original Oratory
Informative Speech Breakdown
Advanced Informative Speaking Breakdown
Informative Speech Breakdown


Performance Breakdown: Crafting A DUO Interp Featuring Ethan Gambriel and Tyler Simpson

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