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Connecting with a program is your first step in becoming a coach. Use the NSDA school map to find schools in your area that have or recently had an NSDA speech and debate team.

Once you’ve picked your school(s), enter the name and state to request contact information for key school contacts. 

Select the square in the top right of the map to expand to full screen. 

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If you’re not sure which school in your area could most benefit from your support, please list your options on the form and contact us for local guidance. Want to connect with a program not listed on the map? Contact the school directly to inquire if they have a team and get involved. If not, use our tools to pitch a program

With your key contact’s info in hand, it’s time to set things in motion! Use our templates to reach out to a coach or administrator about getting involved with the team. You’re on your way to using your time and skills to make a difference for students! 

Hi <NAME>,

I’m reaching out to get involved with the speech and debate program at [School]. I believe in the power of speech and debate, and I’d love to support the team. 

My qualifications include: 

  • Speech and debate alumni, class of XXXX/competitive achievements 
  • A professional background in XX, which makes me well-suited for speech and debate because of XX
  • Experiencing judging speech and debate tournaments 
  • Experience working with youth 

I’d love to connect about how I could be involved this year. I’d be happy to connect via phone, stop by your next practice, or sign up to judge an upcoming tournament. 

I look forward to hearing from you! 


[Your Name] 

Explore Open Coaching Jobs

Programs across the world use our jobs board to hire for open coaching positions. Check out virtual and remote postings for full-time or part-time options and apply if you’re interested! 

Gain Experience By Judging

Speech and debate can’t happen without judges! Visit our judge board to offer up your services for remote or in person opportunities and offer students vital feedback. Plus, judging can be a great first way to connect with teams near you! You can prepare to judge with our free training materials

When you connect with a school, you take your first step toward becoming a coach and providing life-changing opportunities for students. Whether you’re starting a new program as the head coach or supporting an existing team as an assistant a couple afternoons a week, you’re making a difference. Become an NSDA member coach to access the tools and support you need along the way.

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