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NSDA Campus

NSDA Campus

NSDA Campus is an affordable, secure, and easy to use video platform for hosting virtual speech and debate tournaments that integrates with both and Speechwire and has facilitated nearly 80,000 rooms!

Tournament Hosts

Learn more on how to determine the number of rooms needed, how to purchase rooms, and other step by step instructions for using NSDA Campus.

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Online Tournament Guide

Review the lessons learned by the NSDA while hosting the 2020 National Tournament online. 

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Tournament Attendees

Access the NSDA Campus technology testing site prior to the tournament to ensure your hardware and network are compatible with the competition and practice rooms.

If you experience any technical issues with the platform, share the technical specifications for using NSDA Campus with your school’s IT department to ensure that users have access to NSDA Campus.


Do I have to be an NSDA member to use NSDA Campus?

No, any adult representing an educational institution may purchase NSDA Campus rooms for tournament use. Practice rooms are available exclusively for NSDA member schools for free through their account. 

What is the cost to use NSDA Campus?

$6 per room per day for NSDA Campus rooms with no observers. $12 per room per day for NSDA Campus rooms with observers. We are committed to keeping the pricing simple and as low as we can sustainably provide, which is why NSDA Campus is not customizable. There are no exceptions to the policy and no refunds or credits available for unused rooms.

Is this platform secure? Does NSDA Campus use Zoom?

Yes. There are several layers of security built in to the system to prevent things like “bombing,” trolling, and other forms of unauthorized use. Because rooms are only accessible via a or NSDA account, they are very secure.

NSDA Campus is built using open source video conferencing software and does not use a commercial service like Zoom.

What hardware do I need to use NSDA Campus?

Any device that accesses the internet and can use Google Chrome or a mobile app (iOS/Android). Depending on your event, you may also need access to a microphone or camera. 

What features does NSDA Campus have?

NSDA Campus has the basics needed to run a virtual speech and debate competition. This includes videoconferencing, chat, in-round file sharing, contact forms, hand raising, the ability to create general purpose tournament rooms, a meeting squad room for each participating school, access to online ballots via, and room access permissions aligned with tournament permissions. NSDA Campus is a synchronous use platform.

What features does NSDA Campus not have?

NSDA Campus doesn’t provide event management and tournament setup support, event insurance, the ability to brand the space for your tournament, automated Extemp draw, event recording, the ability to control screen view at the tournament level (and therefore offer split-screen Duo), breakout rooms, or rooms over roughly 15 people.

Is there a limit to people in each room/competition space?

It is recommended that no more than fifteen users be in a room at a time to ensure video and audio quality. The platform will not automatically limit the number of users in a room. If you feel you’ll need rooms that hold more users, you may want to use a different platform for those events/gatherings.

Are observers able to access NSDA Campus rooms?

The $6 per room per day NSDA Campus rooms do not allow anyone but the judge, competitors, and tournament admins to enter a room. The $12 per room per day NSDA Campus with Observers rooms allow coaches to designate one coach observer per speech entry and two coach observers per debate entry. No observers are permitted in Congress in any NSDA Campus room. Read more about NSDA Campus with Observers here.

What do I need to tell my IT department to ensure I can access NSDA Campus from school?

Visit our Campus Tech page for more information.

How does my tournament sign up?

Any tournament hosted and run by an adult representing an educational institution may purchase NSDA Campus rooms. To purchase NSDA Campus rooms for your tournament being held on SpeechWire, please reach out to Follow these step by step instructions on how to purchase NSDA Campus rooms for your tournament. 

Can we use NSDA Campus with tournament management systems other than

NSDA Campus can be used on both and SpeechWire. If you have questions about using NSDA Campus on SpeechWire please contact their support team via their website.

To whom do I send my questions about NSDA Campus?

Please contact if the answers to your questions are not located in the Training Materials, on the Tech Information page, our Online Tournament Guide, or in this FAQ. Please understand we are not accepting tournament customization requests or pricing adjustment requests at this time.